Rainy Day (Niall Horan F.F)

Jade Brooks was getting ready to go surfing on a sunny day, suddenly it got dark and it started poring, the waves started thrashing her around and it dragged her under water. She hit her head on a coral rock and the next day she woke up, she was lying on the cold sandy water,she coughed up water and stood up, holding her head in pain from the cut she got. Then it went away like it was never there. she looked and she was on an island far away from where her house was and from anywhere there was land. she looked around frantically and tried looking for a boat. A boat caught her eye and she started yelling and jumping up and down trying to get its attention. Someone on the boat saw her and went to help her on. What she didn't know was that there was a hurricane and it caused her to float away from the beach, thats why there were boats looking for anyone if they were stranded out in sea, luckly they found her or she would of been stranded on an unknown Island.
This will change her life


8. Chapter 7



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Jade's POV:




"Hey jade! wait up" I heard a familiar voice call, I turned around and saw it was Liam


"Oh hey Liam, what's up?" I asked as he caught up to me and started walking next to me.


"So I'm having a party today and I wanted to see if you wanted to come it's going to be at my house" he said


"I'd love to" I replied


"Sweet!" he said then he saw someone and turned to me "oh I gotta go, see ya at the party!" then he started to jog towards his friend but turned around "oh and don't forget to bring your bikini!" then he ran away


Wait what! bikini! if he would of told me it was a pool party I would of declined! oh great, this is horrible.


How do I get out of this now






School is over and now I'm walking home, Niall didn't come to school because he had a dentist appointment. He was getting a check up, you know the ones you get every month when you have or had braces.




He doesn't have his braces anymore he got them off a long time ago.

I use to go to the dentist everyday when I had braces. We'll not every day, it felt like it though


You want to know how I know. Well because every dentist there knew my name. Yeah that's sad, but now I don't go because I don't have braces.


Well anyway, Liam wanted me to tell Niall to come to his party.



Once I finally made it home I dropped my bag off on the couch and told my dad I was going to Niall's house and that I would be back real quick.


"I'm just going to tell him that Liam told me to tell him to come over the party he is having" I told my dad


"Alright, are you going to the party?" He asked looking up from the television


Uhhh should I go? "I don't know, I'm thinking about it" I replied


What's the worse thing that could happen?


"I think you should, you barley leave the house now. Go on and have fun" he told me then turned back to the tv


"Uhh okay" I said then made my way towards the door.


"Oohhh can I go to the party" I heard my brother asking my dad, I turned towards my dad and brother and they both looked at my direction but I made a run for it before they could ask me.


There is there answer, no he can't come


He is the one who would try to push me into the pool and I will not allow that.


I grabbed my bicycle and rode down to Niall's house, once I got there I quickly jumped of and let it fall to the ground and walked to his door and knocked on the door


"Hey mum!" I said to Niall's mom and hugged her


"Hey jade" she hugged me back, I didn't even have to ask if Niall was here "go ahead up he's in his room"


"Thanks" I said and ran up the steps, carefully this time. Last time I tripped going up so fast, I hit my knee and it was bruised for a few days, it hurt.


I knocked on his door and waited for him to open it or give permission to enter, last time I didn't wait and I walked in on him changing. And let me tell you it was embarrassing, seeing your best friend naked in front of you was a scary sight.


Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. "Come in" he yelled, I opened the door and he wasn't in there. He's probably in his bathroom


I jumped on his bed and laid down waiting for him to come out, I heard his door open and he stood there "hey" he said


"Hey" I said sitting up "I just came to invite you to Liam's pool party, since you weren't in school he asked me to invite you for him."


"Cool, are you going?" he asked


"Uhh I don't know" I replied and laid back down "I gotta see if my dad lets me" I lie, even though my dad is the one who told me to go


Niall came and sat next to me "aww come on, you have to" he wined


"Ugh fine" I gave up


"Yes!" he cheered


"Well I gotta go get ready, see ya at his house?" I told him walking to the door


"Yup" he said and I waved bye and left his house




I got to Liam's house and there were a few people there, I was worried I came to early but I guess I wasn't the only one who came early.


I looked around to see who was here, some people I didn't know, some students from my class, there was Harry, Louis, and Zayn with there girlfriends and still no Niall


I was wearing my purple bikini top and some shorts and sandals, I'm definitely not going in but people don't need to know, I just have to look like it ya know blend in. How weird would I look if I came in jeans while everyone was in there bathing suits.


I walked in his house where everyone was at the moment, no one was really out by the pool yet. They were all gathered inside watching tv or talking and eating or what ever.


I saw Liam in the kitchen "hey you made it" he said to me and hugged me


"Yeah" I replied


"I didn't think you were going to come" he said "why didn't you come surfing yesterday" he asked


"Oh Uhhh it was getting pretty late" I lied


It looked like he could tell I was lying, he was going to say something but he was cut off my Niall waking in and a bunch more people, wow it's getting pretty crowded in here


"Niall! Hey!" Liam yelled and Niall turned towards us and smiled and they did there handshake/hug thing guys do


A few hours later people were out by the pool some were inside and others in different areas of the house. It was getting dark out, I didn't realize the time went by so fast


It was pretty fun, I missed hanging out with my friends, going surfing and swimming. Just doing normal things like a normal person. But I won't be doing that anytime soon


"Hey are you ok? why the sad face?" Liam asked. I turned towards him


"Huh? oh uh," I didn't realize I looked sad, I fake smiled "nothing, why would you think I'm sad. I'm fine just thinking thats all" I said smiling at him


He gave me a look that said 'cut the crap' and said " I know something is wrong with you"


I looked around and we're were the only two outside, well besides three other people in a far corner. I didn't even know Niall was gone


"Where did everyone go?" I asked changing the subject but also curious


He glared at me "they went in side and don't change the subject, what's wrong you haven't been the same since your accident, you never leave your house anymore and you don't want to hang out with people, why?"


I sighed, I didn't realize people knew I acted different since then? "it's complicated, you wouldn't understand" I said standing up


I want to go inside now, I carefully walked around the pool area and Liam got up and was going to say something but was cut off by people yelling, or cheering?


Someone opened the back door and yelled "hey Liam, Niall just beat your score in FIFA, come on!" and they went back in side and the group that was behind me ran in my direction trying to get around me to get in side


My eyes widened and I moved to the side as far away of the pool but I was close to the water, thankfully they didn't knock me over and I sighed in relief as they ran in the house


Suddenly I tripped on who knows what and I started falling backwards, I tried to grab Liam's hand for help and he tried to grab mine but it was to late and I fell in


Oh no

Oh no

Oh no

This is not good


I swam ups to the top of the pool "Liam get in the house"


"What why?" He asked "here let me help you out" he stretched his hand out but I didn't grab on to it


"No go before it's to late" I yelled at him


He was confused but he started backing away "oh no it's happening" I said to my self but Liam heard and stopped


"What's happen-" he started of saying but stopped as he saw the water bubble up and he looked confused and scared once he saw my feet disappear


His eyes were wide and he backed up "jade, what...." he couldn't even finish his sentence


"Liam please, don't say anything" I pleased "help me out please, before anyone else see's." I stretched my arm out "please"


A tear rolled down my cheek, this is why I didn't want to come i knew this was going to happen


I saw Liam moving, he's probably going to run away and tell people, I put my head down and cried, I was going to put my hand down but I felt a hand grab my hand and try to lift me, I looked up and found out it was Liam


He pulled me up, with all his strength and I tried to help, finally he pulled me out and he fell to the floor exhausted, his eyes looking at me then my tail


I used my powers to dry my self off, I can't let anyone else see me like this





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