what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


6. oh crap!!!!!!

joyce's P.O.V.

OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and liam pull away and step further away while looking up at who had caught us, as i look up to the kitchen door i see niall standing there with his mouth hanging open, for a second i wonder where the rest of the boys are cause they haven't come running in here yet to see what has happend.

"look mate sit down please and i - we will explain" liam motions for niall to take a seat. we all walk to the table and sit down me and liam sitting next to each other and niall sitting across from us.

"okay before we start, where is my brother and the other 2?" i ask niall sort of worried that they might be listening from the next room

"they went down to get us nandos, now tell me what the hell i just saw!" niall replies back to me.

"well....uh....we are kinda together" i reply and smile while i look up at liam next to me

"what!!!!!!!???????, but your not allowed to date any of us lou said" niall states the obvious to us, me and liam just nodd our heads and li replies

"yeah i know thats why you cant tell anyone at all, dont even give us those looks when something about relationships is takled about around the boys okay!?" li finishes just as the boys come through the front door, i give niall a look to see if he understands

"alright, but you have tyo give me something in return for keeping it a secret" he quietly says , me and liam nod our heads yes and he runs off into the lounge room to get food. a sigh of relief is let out of mine and liam mouths as we get up to get our drinks and join the boys in the living room.

***********2 weeks later*******************

okay so its been 2 weeks since that incident hapened where niall caught us kissing in the kitchen we are so glad he hasn't told any one like he promised and me an liam have figured out what we are going to give him to keep his mouth shut.

"okay bye mom, love you" i said through the phone

"love you too, bye darling" she said and we both hung up, mum had just called me to tell me i could come home cause the boys are going back on tour tomorrow, but louis asked simon and management if i could come along and they said yes aslong as i help lou with hair and make-up for the boys on there tour, and of course i agreed, so i was just telling her then and she says it was alright.

i walk back out into the main lounge room of this house and sit on the couch

"so what did mum say?" lou asked

"she said i couldn't" i said faking a pouty face

"awww" comes from all around the room, and as they all say that i start to form a smile but bit my lip to stop me from smiling

'wait!" liam says "you want to smile, your mum said yes didnt she?!" he finishes, damn you payne why do you have to see right through me all the time

"sis what is he talking about" louia asks

"um...she actually said yes i could go" i say and louis and the other 4 boys jumped on me giving me a group hug all cheering. i start laughing and slip between harry and niall to get out of it, standing back up properly i stand there with my arms crossed and trying not to laugh while watching the boys all still hugging.

i clear my throat and all the boys turn to look at me with confused expressions on there face, i start laughing really hard

"how the hell did you get there!" harry practically yells

"well i snuck out of it through a small space between niall and you" i reply

"but how?" he says back

"well if you have taken gymnastic's since you were 5 then its pretty easy!" i say

"oh yeah do you still do it?" lou asks

"yep!" i say happily

*************2 hours later*************

we are all currently sitting on the couches watching the last one of the toy stories and im starting to feel a bit sick and craving a lot of vegies, oh shit! no please not now, i quickly get up froim my seat on the couch and run out of the main living room and into mine and liam's apartment and straight for the bathroom.

when i get in there i go to the sinks and open the coubourd and pull out my pads to find there is none left "shit" i wispered under my breath, mat that moment louis and the rest of the boys come running in to see if im okay

"are you alright?" liam says, i nod yes

"are you sure you ran preety quickly out of there!, we thought you were going to be sick" harry then says.

"no im fine really, its just something..." i say trailing off, well this is embarrising, i look down at then floor blushing

"alright boys can you please leave i need to speake to my sister alone" louis says, i look back up to see all off them nod there heads and liam secretly blown me a kiss, i smile back at him and they walk out leaving me and lou alone in the bathroom

"now tell me what really is wrong" louis says

"uh..would you be able to run down to the shops?" i ask him, he looks at me confusion on his face, then relisation strucks his face

"you need some girly things dont ya?" he asks, i nod

"yes please" i say, he nodds and comes over to me and gives me a hug,

"you have a shower and i'll text el to meet me at the shops to get the pads? right?" he asked, i nodded and smiled

"does she know what ones?" he asks

"yes lou she came with me a little while ago to get them, she knows what ones i use" i say and he nods leaving but not after reminding me to shower.

as soon as he leaves i walk over and lock the bathroom door, i walk over and turn the shower on before taking my clothes of and getting in the steaming hot shower.


Louis' P.O.V.

i walk out of the bathroom after reminding joyce to take a shower cause i know when it 'that time of the month' she takes like 40 minute showers for some reason unknown, i grab my phone out of my pocket and call el

Louis = L , El = El

L- hey babe

El - hey whats up?

L - uh could you meet me at the pharmacy down the road from my house?

El - yeah babe whats wrong though?

L - oh nothing, its just joyce's time of month and she needs pads, and apparently you know what she needs!

El - yeah i do and i'll be there in about 5 minutes love you

L - love you too, see you soon

i hung up and walked over to the boys

"okay boys i gotta go out and get something with el and ill be back in 10, jooyce is having a shower and i expect you to all stay here and not disterb her at the moment okay!?" i say to the boys, they all say yes and i quickly run out the door after putting my shoes on and running down the road to the shop, as ai get there i see el's car pull up and her get out, i run over to her and give her a kiss linking our hands together and walk into the pharmacy to get joyce's stuff, El walks over to a certain part of the store and gets 4 packets, huh?

"why so much?' i ask

"cause i have to get some for me to silly" she says and pokes me in the stomach, i nod and we walk over to the cashier and pay, of course me being the gentleman i am payed for it and got a friendly smile of the lady cashier.

me and El walk back to her car and get in, she drives the short distance to me and the boys house and we are ther within 3 minutes, i get out and take El's hand and wak inside

"boys im home!" i yell, they all come running in and greet El and me

"did you bring me food?" nial asks, we laugh and shake our heads

"no niall, ther is enough food in the house, plus it has to be gone before we leave for tour tomorow afternoon" i state

"oh right, well c'ya" he say while running off, i grab the bag from El and start to walk off to give them to joyce when El snatches it back off me

"you go hang with the boys, i'll take these to her" she says kissing me on the cheek, i smile and kiss hers and quickly run into the living room.


El's P.O.V.

I smile and walk into liam and her's apartment/room and walk towards the bathroom, i knock on the door

"its El i got your stuff joy!" i say and hear her unlock the door peering around it

"thanks El" she says grabbing the bag and closing the door again "i'll just be a sec, can you get me some p'js please?" she asks

"sure" i say and walk into her room to find some p'js, i find a cute pair and walk back over to the bathroom and knock on the door again, she opens it and takes them and says thanks

"it's alright" i say and wait till she is done


Joyce's P.O.V.

thank god, they are back now i quickly get dressed into the pj's El  got me ((this is what she is wearing))

after i put on my clothes i brudh my long dark brown hair and leave it hanging down my back and walk over to the door and open it to see a bored looking Eleanor, i silently laugh and walk over to her and give her a hug, seeing as i haven't seen her in about 8 months.

we walk into my room so i can pack for the start of tour tomorrow, after we had finished packing we went into the main living room to see all the boys crowded around the tv watching louis and zayn play fifa, me ans El go and sit down on the couch and watch them aswell.

after a little while i got up from my postion now on the couch with liam watching tv in our apartment/room and went into the main room where i found everyone and said goodnight to everyone giving louis a kiss on the cheek and walking back into mine and liam's apartment/room and seeing liam walk out of the bathroom i smile at him and go into the bathroom to go to the loo and do some girly stuff theni walked out and sat on the couch with my legs curlded up to my chest to try and stop some of the cramps that i had, this usally helps so its why i do it.

liam walks in from the kitchen and see's me curled up in a ball on the couch

"are you alrigh babe?" he asks wispering the last part so no one will hear him, i shake my head 'no' and he comes over to me sitting right next to me

"whats wrong?" he asks

"cramps" i say back and he slightly laughs and piks me up bridal style and take me into my romm laying me down on my bed, then walking over closing the door and turning the lights off and getting in next to me, me laying with my back to his chest and him wrapping his arms around my stomach and rubbin circles into it making me have less cramps, i smile and pick up his hand giving it a kiss then puting it back where it was.

"is that any better" he asks

"yeah thanks li, i love you" i say back

"not as much as i love you" he replies "goodnight beautiful" he finishes

"night handsome" i reply smiling to mself and closing my eyes, as soon as i close them i drift off into dreamland, dreaming about li and me



hey here is the next chapter hope you like it, i had to write it three times before this so it might be bad but anyway LIKE,FAV AND COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK!!


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