what i want but cant have!!

my name is Joyce Tomlinson, recognise the last name, yeah I am Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. Im turning 16 in about 2 months I have to live with 5 boys and 1 being my brother that I hate, okay I don’t really hate him but im just really annoyed with him he hasn’t spoken to me in a year and a half and now he wants me to move in with him. But there is a problem I like someone but I know they don’t like me back, but only like me as a sister figure, great.
Read to find out what happens.


2. louis????????

joyce's P.O.V.

I wake up to alot of sound coming from downstairs, i get up out of bed and go into my bathroom to have a shower. once im done i get out and wrap a towel around my body and walk into my room to my closet and find something to wear then get my undergarments and get changed, wearing one of louis' hoddies he left here and his beanie.(this is what she is wearing)

after i changed i went into my bathroom and brushed my long brown hair and put it up in a messy bun, just as i was finishing there was a knock at my bedroom door 'who could that be?' i asked myself as i walk over to it and unlock it, i open it and standing right there is my brother louis freakin tomlinson

"hey sis" he said opening his arms for a hug, i just look at him in discust and walk right past him. i know what your thinking 'why the hell did she just do that?' well if you were in my position i seriously reakon you would do the same i mean he never called me no once while he was gone for 1 1/2 years and he had promised me before he left he would call me every week, well that didn't happen.

"hi mom" i said as i walk into the kitchen

"he darling, did you see lou already?" she asked

"yes and i ignored him like i told you i would!" i sassed

"dont sass me young lady and your going to have to forgive him real soon cause your going to live with him while i go for a holiday" she said, just then louis walked into the kitchen

"mum you wern't meant to tell her i was!" louis said making a pouty face acting like a two year old who doesnt get to do what he wants. i cant help but to laugh at him, i mean i can be really mad at him for what he done but as soon as he does something like this you just cant help but laugh.

"see i can get you to love me again" louis said walking towards me

"no louis, i have always loved you but you hurt me" i said as he came over to me, he goes to give me a hugg but hesitstes that im gonna run off from him again, trust me i really do want to run/walk off but i need my brothers famous hugs. i pull him into a hug and we hug for a few minutes until i hear an irish voice that makes me laugh

"hey louis do you have any food im starving!" niall says as he enters the kitchen, me an dlouis laugh

"niall you ate about an hour ago!" louis said which made me laugh more at how much this kid can eat and complain.

*** 1 hour later*****

im currently sitting in the lounge room with my brother and his band mates

"so have you thought about comming to live with me......and the boys" he says the last part fast.

"what?, i thought i was only gonna move in with you not you and your band mates" i said

"well we all live together so if your gonna live with me than you're gonna live with them!" he says sassily.i laugh at him thats the louis i know

"fine" i say

"yay!!!" comes from all around the room, louis givs me a bone crusshing hugg with all the other boys joining in.

"uh......guys....cant.......breath!" i say sort of out of breath. they all laugh and let me go

"so when are we leaving?" i ask

"tommorrow at 8" liam says, wow he has such a nice manly voice whell all of them do really.

"okay... so when do we have to be up by?" i ask

about.....mh.......7am" louis says pulling a weird face trying to think..

"well who's going to help me pack?" i ask

"i will" harry says straight up i laugh and was about to get up when louis spoke "no harry i need to speak to you boys, um liam go help my sister pack please" he said

"sure" liam said getting up with me following him, them me leading him towards my room.

once we are in my room i get two suitcases out and a duffle bag. "okay, can you het all my pants, shorts and hoddies/jumpers?" i ask him he nodds and walks over to the drawer set i was pointing to pulling out the stuff and laying them neatly in my bag, i smile and walk to the other drawer set and grab all my undergarments and place them inside the suitcase i have, then walking over to my closet and grabbing my dresses and shirts and placing them neatly in my siut case.

"um theres still room in this bag what else do you want me to put in it?" liam asks


liam's P.O.V

i had just asked what else to put in the bag and she pointes and says everything but her toothbrush/toothpaste and brush in the bag from the bathroom.

i walk into the bathroom and look under the sink and find girly things under there...woops dont think i was meant to see that but it really doesn't affect me cause i have two sisters and i used to have to run dow to the shops to get them these thing and other stuff. i fing a toiletry bag under ther two and put all the girly thing called pads and tampons in the little bag them zip it up and put it in the suitcase then walke over to the closet and find all the shoes and put them in the suitcase aswell.

i look over and joyce has finished packing evryrhing she nedded so we start to walk out of the room when she notices the time.

"hold on lian i need to change into my pj's she says as she runs back into her room to change, i wait for a few minutes and she cmes out wearing long batman pajama pants and a black tank top, she smiles at me and i smile back.

"nice pj's" i say to her

"oh, thanks do you like batman?" she asks me

"yeah i love it" i say as she and i laugh and start to walk downstairs when i fell someone jump on my back and almost make me fall face first to the ground but i manage to balance myself and stay standing up.

"hurry up peasant, downstairs now!" she says in a posh accent i laugh at her and run downstairs with her on ,y back, she is actually really light weight i hear her laughung as im running, i run into the lounge room and stop still holding her up on my back by her thighs, she stops laughing when she sees she's in the lounge room where everyone else is. i look over at louis and he's giving me a look as to say 'let my sister go' i smile at him and let her down, she must ahve seen the look on louis' face cause she started to yell at him

"what the hell louis it was just a piggy back ride jees nothing elase calm your farm!" she says

"i dont care, i already taked to the boys about it and told them but ti thought liam would ahve known, but i guess not!" he said

"hey mate look it was just a piggy back ride ad trust me i wouldn't do that to you she is like another sister to me bro" i said, i seen louis calm down and relax

"exactly" joyce said then went over and stole the remote of zayn and sat down ontop of him changing the channel, i laugh and  sit next to louis who is whatching his sister and zayn

"chill mate, remember he wont do anything he ahs a fiance dont forget it" i ay i see that he calms down again as he looks away from er to the tv which is getting changged chanel every 5 seconds.

"yay!!!!" joyce screames out, making us all jump a little from her sudden outburst "my movie wahooo!!!! she says we all look at the screen and see she has foung monte carlo we all sigh and get ready to whatch a movie that we dont really want to.



so here is the fist chapter and i hope you like it i got bored and decided to start a new book so i did and i ussally write songs which i love to do, to cool off when i have had a fight with my sister or my dad or if something bad had happend or im scared because someone wants to get in contact with me and the lat time i saw them was when i was 4 and she tried to kill me and my younger sister and father.

anyway comment, like and favourite please

thanks my lovelies


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