Forever and Always

Bella and her family go on their summer vacation to Tipperary Ireland. Her family lives there and little does she know her prince charming does too! Her life isnt asy as her parents dont care about her and her siblings. They practiclly raise each other. Through ups and downs that one guy who goes by Niall Horan is there for her. But will he stay? Will she give up on love all together? Will they live happily ever after? Forever and always...?


8. Whip Cream.. I think yes!

( Bellas POV)

I woke up not really sure where I was. I looked around and OMG. I was snuggled up inside Niall's chest. His back was to the back of the sofa and his arms wrapped around me my head on his chest. I could here his small little breaths and could feel his heart beat. * Bang* I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the front door slam. I could hear my mom and dad laughing. Shit they're home! I pulled out of Niall's grip and his eyes flew open. "Don't leave me he said in his deep rusky morning voice" Which i couldn't lie was super hot. Niall my parents are here they will kill me if they see me with you ..sleeping. I heard footsteps getting closer. "Niall let me go!" "kiss me and I will let you go" He said. WHAT! " He did his adorable laugh and his brace on me tightend. I saw my dads feet coming closer into the room. So I kissed Niall on the cheek. Then knowing me of course I blushed like crazy and he just laughed. He finally let go of me and I sprinted up the stairs.  

I jumped into my bed and just giggled. Does Niall have feelings for me?!  No he cant I thought to myself. He was probably just trying to be funny, right? Well either way he was adorable and I really liked him, like really. Maybe I should talk to Seth and ask him what to do. Nah, Seth wouldn't want me to like anyone he would be scared I would get hurt. So anyway I decided I should go shower. I went into the bathroom and showered. I got out and did my makeup very lightly and decided to curl my hair with my new wand.  I put on a pair of black skinny jeans a grey infinity scarf and decided to wear a grey one direction sweatshirt. Lets see what Niall thinks huh ;) I went into Sebastian's room because I haven't seen him in like 3 days and i missed him like crazy. I walked into his room but didnt see him there. That's weird maybe Seth has him I went into Seth's room but he was still asleep. Maybe mom and dad have him so I went downstairs. I saw one of the cutest things. Niall was sitting on the couch with Seb on his lap playing with him. I cleared my throat and they both turned. "BEWA" sebastian screamed running towards me. " Hey buddy" I said. " You hanging out with Niall hun?"

" Yea , he my frwiend".  " Thats good, he's my friend to " I replied turning my head and looking at Niall who was smirking. Sebastian jumped down and ran up the stairs, about to wake up Seth I assume. I decided on making some breakfast so I knew all the boys would want some.  I made a bunch of scrambled eggs and a plate of bacon. Niall as soon as he smelt food sprinted to the table. " Will you marry me?" he asked. " Just eat" i responded laughing. A few minutes later Seth and Seb came down the stairs and started eating too. While eating it went totally quiet and got super awkward. So Niall decided to say something. " Hey Bella, last night was fun" he said with a wink. Seth just looked at both of us really confused," did you guys like do it?" he asked. " Oh my god Seth , thats my que to leave" I grabbed Sebastian from the chair beside Niall .Niall grabbed my hand while helping me pull him out of his chair and said " Tanks for the kiss Bella". I just giggled and smiled and picked up Sebastian. " How bout a bath Mr" i said to him " You smelly". He just giggled and stuck his tounge out at me.

After Sebs shower i decided to put him down for a nap. I was still starving and decided pancakes were to die for right now. I went downstairs and didnt see anyone oh well. I went into the kitchen and made a small stack of pancakes for myself. I topped it of with whip cream (my favorite) and some strawberries. I heard a door slam and my grandpa walked in " Ooo someone is hungry" he stated with a smirk on his face. Before i could respond a thick Irish accent (again which was to die for) said " Yes, ive never seen a girl eat so much in my life", of course it was Niall , who said that. " Haha very funny fat heads, i said laughing at my own stupid joke. My grandpa just chuckled and walked into the other room, probably to read his newspaper.

(Niall's POV)

After the beautiful Bella took her brother upstairs i decided to get some fresh air. So much was going through my head but i was mainly excited. I think she likes me! Well maybe... Why would she kiss me though? I thought. Was that a dick move making her kiss me? ugh Niall stop thinking about her, i tried telling myself to stop but as you have guessed that didnt work very well. After a few minutes of me smiling like a fool, i was snapped back into my senses by Grandpa (he is like one to me) opening the front door. I didnt really notice how chilly it was outside so i decided to go in, i didnt have a jacket on. I walked in and instantly smelt food. I heard Grandpa's quirky little comment at Bella and her food. Damn does that girl like to eat, clearly were perfect for eachother;) "Ive never seen a girl eat so much in my life" I said quickly before bella could retreat on what her Grandfather said. I wasnt really sure what she said back but i knew it was stupid because she was blushing and laughing a lot. It was really cute though.


"So Bella" I said. " Can you please pass me the whip cream?" I decided some fun was in order . " Oh yea here you go." She was putting her dishes in the sink when i snuck up behing her and squirted a huge glob of Whip Cream in her hair. She touched her head and smooshed it down. Slowly she turned around her mouth hanging wide open. I couldnt help but laugh , correction laugh hard, really hard. " You did not just do that Horan" she said. " But i think i did" I said laughing my arse off. " Well if thats how you want to play she ran to the fridge and took out another whip cream bottle and squirted me in the face. She stood thier for a moment in silence until she broke out into fits of laughter. I ran up to her and we just sprayed each other back and forth. At one point i backed her up until the counter hit her back. I was standing their inches away from her face. It was silent no one was moving we were just starring into each others eyes. She really was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. I saw her glance down at my lips and then back up at my eyes. I knew right there that this was my chance. I slowly leaned into her and she did the same. When our lips met , it felt like fireworks everywhere. I had butterflies and was burning. I pulled her away from the counter still kissing her. Our lips moved in sync together and it was amazing. I was 100% truly madly deeply in love with Bella O'Connohr.











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