Forever and Always

Bella and her family go on their summer vacation to Tipperary Ireland. Her family lives there and little does she know her prince charming does too! Her life isnt asy as her parents dont care about her and her siblings. They practiclly raise each other. Through ups and downs that one guy who goes by Niall Horan is there for her. But will he stay? Will she give up on love all together? Will they live happily ever after? Forever and always...?


9. it will never work

( Nialls POV)

I woke up replaying the events of yesterday. That kiss showed me she does like me, not as much as I liker her but still. I knew i wanted her as my girlfriend. I wanted to always be with her, to hold her in my arms, to kiss her. You have to ask her out first, I thought to myself but how!! I knew it had to be special because she is special. I thought i would brainstorm over a big plate of bacon and eggs. I was about to get into the shower when my stomach grumbbled so I just went downstairs. As I was walking into the kitchen I bumped into Bella she looked straight at me and turned and ran.. What the hell? Why did she just runaway. Does she not like me? Am i like a super sucky kisser? I was confused but decided to  ignore it for the time being. If she doesn't like me she will tell me when I her out tonight.

( Bellas POV)

I woke up replaying that kiss over and over in my head. It was amazing and I knew at that point i really liked Niall. It will never work though i thought to myself. He is famous ur not, he lives in london, there are so many other directioners who love him. I dont have a chance with him, who am I kidding. So I decided at that point I will do everything I can to avoid Niall at any cost. It will suck , alot. Its the easiest thing to do though and It will help. Ugh my life fucking sucks... I decided the best way to ignore him is to get out of the house. So I decided to go sight seeing. Ive always wanted to see the cliffs of moher, i heard they were really pretty. ( AN I went there last summer they are beautiful!) I showered and straigtened my hair. I put on light makeup and went to pick out an outfit. I decided on black leggings, a pair of uggs and a knit sweater crop top. You never know about the weather in Ireland so I put on an infinity scarf and grabbed my thick white jacket. I ran douwnstairs and was looking at my phone when i bumped into someone. I looked up and of course it was Niall.. We starred at eachother for like aminute I was so tempted to kiss him but I just ran past him. It really sucks I hope he doesnt hate me. I knew I had to get out quick so I went and got a piece of toast off of Seths plate. " Hey Bell thats not fair" he winned at me. " sorry bro ". I walked over to my grandparents and parents and said goodbye to them. I didnt want Niall who was just watching me to hear where I was going so I whispered it to my parents. I kissed them and my grandparents on the cheek and went to say by to my brothers. First I kissed Seth on the ceek and being the crazy protective bro he asked all these questions about where I was going and I just ignored him. Then It was time to say by to Sebastian. He was playing with his pancakes and I went up to him and said : Stop plaing Mr. eat those pancakes" he just looked up and laughed at me. I kissed him on the cheek and said goodbye to him. Of course being the other attatched brother he burst into tears. " Bella pwease dont go, Bella let me come" I picked him up and told him that I would be back soon and I would take him for ice cream later. He got excited and just sat down to eat. At this point everyone in the room was starring at me. I waved goodbye and was walking out , all eyes on me, Niall was just standing there. I looked at him and everyone and waved, i ran past him as quick as I could. " Bella wait up" niall shouted after me. shit shit shit, bella do something...

I did what I could think of i turned around and pushed him away from me. Im not sure why but i started crying like a lot. " You need to stay away from me Niall" .  " Bella what did i do yesterda-" he responded " Yesterday was a mistake niall, it will never work out between us" At that point i wiped my tears and ran. I was taking a bus to the Cliffs so i just jumped in the one across the street. *time skip to arriving at the cliffs*   I got to the cliffs and we went over the rules no jumping off ( which i probablly needed to hear) no running besides them, no pushing screaming etc. I walked up to the castle at the top of the cliffs and climbed up to the very top of it. The view was breathtaking and I just stood there thinking about everything possible. I looked down at my watch which told me I was standing in that spot for 3 hours!


( Nialls POV)

I knew that Bella was scared to be with me because of reasons that we both know. I would never hurt her, ever. I decided the perfect place to ask her to be mine would be at the Cliffs. Most beautiful place with the most beautiful girl. I begged her parents to tell me where she was and the let it slip without any thought. I grabbed my phone and ran up stairs. I tweeted " I hope she says yes" and jumped into the shower. I got ready and put on the nicest clothes I could find  ( in Seths closet). I ran to my car and started on my way to the Cliffs. * time skip > arriving there* When I got there I knew where she would be it was the quietest spot. I ran into the Castle and ran up the broken steps. There she was as beautiful as ever just starring out into the world. I grabbed her from behind and spinned her around. Are faces were less then an inch away from eachother. She started saying my name but i stopped her by putting my finger in front of her lips.

" Isabella O'Connohr from the first day I saw you I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world, i knew I needed you to be mine.  The way you giggle and look down when your shy the way you take care of your brothers.  I dont care if you have hurt yourself in the past, i will do everything I possibly can for you.  I dont care if i am famous and there are thousands of girls out there I want you and only you. I will take care of you and love you the best I can. Isabella will you please be my girlfriend?" I finally looked up and saw tears streaming down her face I could tell she was trying to talk but was really choked up. She walked up to me and just stodd there. I felt like I was dying inside I wasnt sure what she was gonna say but she didnt say anything she just jumped into my arms and hugged me. " Of course I will" I heard her cry out. At that point I was the happiest guy in Ireland actually in the world.



AN: Hey guys! Sorry i havent updated in while I have been in the hospital I have been really very sick. You guys are amazing who read my books , I cant believe it. Thank You guys so much I love you guys <3 Oh and cool fact all this info about the Cliffs are true like the castle at the top the rules and stuff . I go to tipperary every 2 years so yea :)








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