This is the story of Alyssa Crane. She will have her ups and downs, but will she make it? She has been through some hard times in her past, but will someone save her from making the same mistakes? Alyssa hates herself, but can someone prove her wrong? That someone has feelings for Alyssa, will she have the same feelings? Read to find out..


3. the house

-Alyssa's p.o.v-When we were inside, i was amazed. Everywhere you looked, it was huge and stylish. Niall asked if i was hungry, i told him "no thanks". He looked at me and said "are you sure? you look like you haven't eaten in weeks!" I looked down at my stomach, and said "no, i uh actually you're right i haven't eaten in a while." He just smiled at me,"SERIOUSLY??" he said. I just i looked down,and nodded.  I started to cry. He rushed over and hugged me whispering "its alright, id didn't mean it like that." I pulled back and said that i was fine. After that, he showed me to my new room. It had a queen sized bed with a black and white covers. The walls were a beige color, and had some sayings on the walls. It also came with a huge walk-in closet, and my own bathroom. I was so happy! I smiled really big, and gave Niall a big hug. We stood there hugging for awhile. Then i stepped back said "thank you", and he left me to unpack my things.

-Niall's p.o.v.-I looked out my window to see a young girl, standing on the curb. I rushed out, and asked if she was okay. We laughed a bit, and she said i was her daughter. But how? I put on a smile and we went inside. I asked her if she was hungry, and she said no. I looked at her stomach,and it looked like she hadn't ate in a while. I started to worry about her. After a quick conversation, i showed her to her room. When i opened the door, she looked around in amazement. After a look around the entire room, she gave me a big hug. I was surprised at first, then i quickly hugged her back. She pulled back, and i left her to unpack her things. I walked into the living room, and texted the boys to come over quickly. When they got here, they asked why the sudden get together. I sighed, and started to explain what happened. After i was done, they stared at me with shocked faces. Then they asked what her name was,told them that it was'Alyssa Krane". They stared at me with wide eyes,then Zayn said"Krane, it sounds familiar, wait isn't that Emily's last name?"


-sorry if this was a short chapter! i was busy, and i found out i have 'writers block'!! it sucks:( thanks for reading ill post another chapter as soon as i can:)

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