a l o n e

lilac, a 17 year old with tons of problems , faces life alone, until she runs into jc caylen, and before you know her life is changing .


7. school


school is kinda weird.

they all crave to be the most popular and cool when they should all want to be the smartest and the best at their grades! but i don't care, its not like I'm gonna be either. 

i have french now. i didn't know where to sit so i waited until everyone else took a seat, and then find an empty seat. the only empty seat is one next to a cute white boy with freckles. 

i sit down, and look down when i hear, " hey im trevor moran. " i look up and see him smiling. i smile back, wow, a smile, thats new.

"hi trevor moran, im lilac wren." i then look down again think he won't talk to me again because well look at me.

" nice to meet you, i don't want to sound too forward, but after school do you want to hang out with me and a few other people?" did he really ask to to "hang out" oh. my. gosh.

"YES! i mean, yea, sure.." i say, and look down, and smile once more.

maybe, just maybe, i won't be a l o n e .

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