a l o n e

lilac, a 17 year old with tons of problems , faces life alone, until she runs into jc caylen, and before you know her life is changing .


3. people

lilac's pov

   im trying to get my life together . im gonna start public school instead of home schooling, maybe it will help me with my social awkwardness . and im gonna start going into public more, im sure i will meet people, i live in hollywood, for god's fucking sake . how hard can it be ? 

   im gonna try to be around people. at the library, at the store, at the park, at school, everywhere. my life is going to be better, filled with people. it will bring me joy and happiness, and replace the sadness and depression. 

   people. people. p e o p l e 


* A.N. im trying to make it kind of like a diary / poem / story thing . its kinda how i like to write so hope you dont mind ! *

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