a l o n e

lilac, a 17 year old with tons of problems , faces life alone, until she runs into jc caylen, and before you know her life is changing .


8. nobody knows

[lilac's pov]

french is over, which means school is over, which also means trevor is taking me somewhere. 

I'm very nervous. what if they don't like me, what if they see my scars? i start to have a panic attack walking out of class with trevor. 

"can i meet you in the parking lot in 10?" i ask. i need to have some time, time to cut, to calm down.

i run to the bathroom, and go into one of the stalls. i pull out my blade, my precious blade.

i think, nobody knows the real me. nobody know how many times i sat in my room and cried, how many times ive lost hope, and hold back my tears. nobody knows when im on the verge of breaking or how horrible things are.

i softly cry, and cut a little more. i then wipe my tears, pull down my sleeves, fix my hair and make up, and smile.

its crazy how much long sleeves and a fake smile can hide. 

nobody can tell your  a l o n e .

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