Worlds in the Sparks

This girl Mae goes to Spring Ville middle school. She wasn't the smartest or the prettiest girl in school, but she was the one that had one persons eye. She had the perfect life she could ever ask for. She was on the dance team, and choir. Then she realized she got all caught up in school she forgot about boys. The boys always talked about her saying how pretty she was, but she didn't know she was popular. She goes through family, life, and boy problems bur she figures it all out and you will see what happens in the end.


1. chapter 1

Mae's P.O.V.


         Its the first day of eighth grade at Springville Middle.  I walked in, dressed up in a blue pencil skirt with a light orange, chiffon top tucked in. I saw my all my friends and my best friends Katrina and Dallas.  Katrina hugged me and started talking about this boy, and Dallas picked me up and swung me around the room.  We compared schedules.  As it turns out Katrina and I had 1st, 3rd, and 6th period together.  Dallas and I had 2nd and 4th together. Katrina didn't really like Dallas.  "Don't pick her up you peasant you are RACHET.  God, Mae are you gonna let that touch you?  He has COOTIES!" Katrina screams. Dallas gave her a look and told her shut up.   Later when the bell rings Katrina and I walk to our first block. 

Dallas P.O.V.

            When I saw Mae walk into school on the first day of school my jaw dropped to the floor.  She looked so stunning and beautiful. I liked her, but she didn't know it at the time I will decide when I want to tell her.  I walk up to her and hug her and spin her around.  We compared our schedules together and we had 2nd and 4th block together.  When I picked her up this small but aggravating little girl with a high pitch voice names Katrina yells at me for picking Mae up.  I said, "Shut up".  When the bell rang for first block I walked away to drama.  I couldn't wait for 2nd block.  

Katrina P.O.V.

             I saw Mae my best friend walk into school and I ran up to her and gave her a hug.  Then short after that ratchet peasant with cooties, Dallas, walks up and picks her up and swings her around.  We all compare schedules and, he wouldn't stop talking to her.  Dallas and I never have never got on with each other.

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