Summer 13


3. chapter 3

We were in the parking a lot and me and fredo were racing to the car, sadly he won.

It was me, Mel and ky in the back and fredo in the drivers seat and justin in the passager seat

"So what have u been up to" fredo asked me

"Nothin, really just around here with ky, Kenya, and Miley" I told him

"Oh ya I finally got to met Madison, she's nice" I said

"Oh you met Madison" asked Justin

"Ya- you mean Madison beer" Mel intuited

"Ya" I told her

"Omg I love her she's so pretty and a good singer" Mel said

30 minutes later

We got home and ky Mel and Kenya are going to sleep over tonight in my room

Justin is going to sleep with fredo in his room

They were hungry and I ordered a pizza and Justin offer to pay it

So he did.

"OMG this pizza is sooo good" everyone said

After eating we played just dance and me and justin were up we danced to promiscuous by nelly and I won

"Wow bro my sis just beat you in dancing" fredo told justin while laughing

"Bieber what happen you can't dance" I said to justin

"I can I just let you win" Justin said to me

"Your on" I told him while I put beauty and a beat on .

"Wow I beat justin bieber in just dance" I yelled while laughing

"Haha ya you did" he said while laughing

" let's watch a movie" Mel and ky said

"Ya let's watch mama" justin and fredo said

"No it's to scary" I said

"You have to man here to protect you" justin said

"Hahah okay" I said

20 minutes to the movie

"I'm so scared" I said I was so scard I was seating on Justin's lap

"Shhhhh" everyone yelled

45 minutes the movie ended

"I'm going upstairs to pack then I'm going to bed" I told everyone

"Same" everyone replied

20mins later

We fell a sleep

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