Summer 13


2. chapter 2

It's Friday and we leave Tommorow, I'm so happy to see Mel, Justin, and fredo.

Aww that's thought about Justin lead me into daydreaming.

"Em, Em, Em are you listening to me" said ky

"Mm, what" I asked

"I said we should get packing for Tomorrow and what was that about you were laughing like a idiot" she asked

"Oh ya that I thought of something funny and ya I have to go home and start packing and then at 6:00pm, I have to go pick up Mel, Justin, and fredo at the airport " I told her

"Oh I wanna come oh ya Caitlin and Christian are going to met us at the cottage" said Kylie

"Oh okay and ya be at my house by 5:30pm ok" I told her

"Ok bye Em" she said

"Bye ky" I told her

When I got home, I ran up to my room to pack

"Where is the new clothes I bought" I asked myself

I am really nervous it is my first time meeting Justin in person

OMG what about if he falls I'm love with me

Ugh that would never happen justin bieber like a girl like me.

What about is he hates me and thinks I'm ugly and that I'm a loser that thought brought tiers to my eyes

"Em don't think like that" I told myself

I looked at the clock and it was 4:30pm

I finished packing and picked out a purple shirt

That said I love pink and jeans and went to take a shower after I got out I curled my hair to lose curls. Looked at the clock and it was 5:20pm Kylie would be here any sec

When Kylie got to my house it was 5:30pm so we drove to the airport right way

Half an hour later

Me and ky just got to the airport it said that Mel's plane just landed and my brothers is going to land in 10 minutes I was getting nervous and more nervous each minutes after 5 minutes Mel come out and we hugged "omg I'm here with you I missed you soo much" Mel told me

" I missed you to Mel and Mel this is kylie,

Kylie this is Mel" I introduce them to together

10 minutes has passed and my brother and justin are going to walk out any sec I miss m brother sooo much haven't seen him for like 3 mouths he's been on tour on the other hand I'm like nervous I'm going to meet Justin

"Em clam ur self" I told myself

As soon as I turned around I saw my brother and justin OMG he looks hotter in person I thought to myself I run to my brother and gave him a Big hug "I missed ya bro" I told him

"Me to sis me to" he replied

"Hi, I'm justin but you can call me jay" Justin said while he smiled

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