A Harry Styles fanfic

Bri hates her stepbrother Harry. She can't stand him. Harry loves the fact he can do that. Being older, bigger, and stronger, it feels like he can over power her. But someday she over powers him

Harry isn't famous in this one....


2. 2

As we finish dinner, Harry gives me a look to follow him back to our room. i secretly curse at dad for picking a three bedroom house, and not even letting me have my own separate room away from Harry. And how much my father gets more than he should a year, and only gives some his money to Analise and Harry , none to me, never to me.

As we reach the room, I hesitate, then decide to pretend to be going to the restroom. Harry grabs my arm and pushes me back into the room, "Stop being such a wimp, Brianna" he smirks. Angrily.

"Don't call me that" I say quietly, I shouldn't had said that. What will he do to me?

"I can do any shit i want" He says real close to my ear, grabbing me by the shoulders and pulling me close to his face. 

he shakes me, forcing eye contact,"Speak!Are you mute!" He yells. He quiets then listens for a minute, deciding if his mom would come up and check in on us. He seems to have calmed down, he looked at my frightened eyes, then stared at my sealed lips as he tightened his grip on my shoulders.

Knowing what is coming next, he smashes his lips on mine, forcing them to open. I know he is enjoying my small cries and whimpers fro him to stop. 

He bites my lips for the time, then loosens his hands completely and watches me drop to floor painfully.

"Bitch" he says sitting down grabbing his phone.

"You are the bitch here." I mumble lowly and realize what i've done.

"Excuse?"He says angrily.  

"I said 'I know i am'" I lie

"NO you didn't. But I'll let you slide" He squints at me. He walks out the room comes back and slaps, laughs hard and leaves.

I run to my pillow and cry hard. For hours..

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