Blue eyed Angle

Harry always thought that his true love was Louis. What happens when he finds out he loves Niall? Will he tell him? Does Niall feel the same way?


13. I know your secreat

Louis's pov: In the middle of the party Harry walked up to me. The first thing that came to mind was to clutch my wrist no matter how much it hurt me and killed me. "Lou can i talk to you later after this?" I looked at Harry not sure what to say. "Um yea sure."

With out a word after the party Harry walked up to me yanking me into the hall by my good arm. Ounce we were alone Harry looked me in the eyes. All i could see was sadness and anger mixed together. "Why would you do this Lou?" I looked at him confused. "Do what?" "Dont play dumb you know damn well you did!!!" I was scared by Harry yelling all of a sudden.

I was ao cought up in my crying that hadnt noticed my cutscwere bleedingvagain until it was to late. I looked at my arm to see my sleeve rolled up and my arm out bare. "If you sont know what im talking about then what is this?" Harry had a weired smirk on his face now. "Okay the day we got into a fight i started to cut. BUT I STOPPED!!!!" I added really fast to reashure him. Harry just shock his head.

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