Blue eyed Angle

Harry always thought that his true love was Louis. What happens when he finds out he loves Niall? Will he tell him? Does Niall feel the same way?


4. I dont know what to do i think im falling for you

Harry's pov:

About half way threw the show I noticed that Niall was looking at me and not the TV. "Niall is their something wrong?" I could tell he was shocked that I said something to him. I had been pretty lately. Then again so had he. I wonder what he was thinking about.


Niall's pov:

I coundt help but stair at Harold now. Every thing about him was so perfect. Wait what are you saying Niall your not gay your straight at least I think you are. Are you straight? I started to trail off in my thoughts when I was brought back to the real world form Harry's question. "Are you okay Niall?" I looked at him a little shocked that he had spoken. "Yea im fine why do you ask?" "O no reason just wondering is all." I shook my head and then went back to watching TV.



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