Blue eyed Angle

Harry always thought that his true love was Louis. What happens when he finds out he loves Niall? Will he tell him? Does Niall feel the same way?


11. Boys night out

Louis's pov:

It was later on in the day and I was going to be going out with out with the lads to a movie and dinner tonight. It was to celebrate another amazing year with our fans and each other. I was washing my cuts and bandaging them well thinking about how it's been 3 years when I heard some one walk bye my room in tears. I wonder what was wrong with that person. I snuck up to my door being sure to cover my cuts when I peaked out I saw a puff eyed Niall walking bye. I took a deep breath and walked in front of Niall. I hope he wasn't still mad at me.

Niall's pov:

I was so mad at self for yelling at Louis and making him cry. I felt like a total jerk right now. I was just about to reach Louis room so I started to wipe my tears. I hated that I had to pass his room just to get to mine. Just as I was about to walk pass his door Louis came out with a smile on his face. How could he be happy after what I told him.

He looked at me with big bright blue cheer eyes and said, "Hey Niall what's the matter?" I looked up at him with puffy eyes. "Why would you  care!" I started to get mad but calmed my self down fast. He looked at me a bit hurt but still smiling. "Well I like to think of us still friends. Even after our fight we had. I totally understood where you were coming from. Me and Harry where fighting a lot. Its not fare to you or the lads. Me and Harry where being selfish and not thinking about how we were affecting you guys. So if your still mad at me I understand but please tell me how I can fix this with you."

I looked at his eyes and saw that he was telling the truth. I stood their now trying to figure out what to say. I was standing their thinking looking at the ground. Well Louis was standing their waiting for an answer. "Why don't you do this Louis." I watched as he started to lean in to towards me to see what I was going to say. "If you really want my answer then you do to something fist." He looked at me and confused and then said, "What it is Niall I'll do anything to get you back as a friend!" He had tears in his eyes. So I just said, "Come back and talk to me when you and Harry are friends again." He looked at me and said, "Okay I'll do that right away!" Then he ran away with hope in his eyes.

Louis's pov:

I ran away from Niall happier then ever I finally knew how to fix all this! I can't believe that I didn't think of this before. Then I again I couldn't blame him. I put my coat on and ran down stairs. I saw that all the boys where ready to go. I searched all 3 of them and saw no Niall. I walked up to Liam because I still wasn't talking to Harry and said, "Niall's not coming?" Even thew I knew the answer to that. Liam looked at me and smile on his face and said, "No Niall said he was just going to stay home and sleep tonight." I smiled back and said, "O Okay that's cool." Then Liam looked over to Harry who had been crying to but not as hard as Niall was.

"You know who really needs you right now thew Lou?" I looked at him and then at Harry. "Do I have to?" I started to wine looking at Zayn now. He nodded his head yes just like Liam. "You do if you want to go out to night. Or would you like to stay at home with Niall?" Liam was being a daddy again so I knew that I couldn't win this. I walked up to Harry and pulled him into a hug.

Harry's pov:

Louis walked up to me and wrapped me into a hug. I looked at him with a shocked look on my face. "Why are you hugging me Louis?" He looked at me with a bright red cheeks. "I just wanted to let you know I'm not mad at you and I want to be know if we can still be friends." He was looking me in the eyes now with hand held out to me. I saw that Liam and Zayn were both watching and waiting for me take his hand and shake it. I even saw Niall peeking out from the steps. So I took Louis's hand and shook it sealing our friend ship again. "I would love to be friends again Louis! It would be my honor!"

I saw all the boys had smiles on their faces. Then I looked over at Niall and saw he was smiling to and he was nodding his head in approval. I turned to Louis and heard him scream, "NOW LETS GET THIS BOYS NIGHT OUT STARTED!!!!" I laughed along with the rest and then we all headed out the door for a well deserved brake for an amazing three years with 4 amazing boys and a bunch of wonderful fans.

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