A Dangerous Game Called Love

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Marie Reynolds
Callista dreams of one day finding her other half. But what happens when she finds her self with two mates? Who will Callista pick? And with a new threat on their hands things get a little more harder than they thought.


3. The Kiss

As I got home and went into my room Kiara and Audre were both still laying on the couch barley awake. The door slammed behind me and they responded with hung over groans. I giggled and slipped off my boots.

"Next time Calli, please try and be quieter." Audre said to me.

"It's noon you guys shouldn't even be sleeping." I said grinning at them. Audre cocked her head to one side and squinted her eyes at me.

"Something happen to you today Callista. You are unnaturally happy today."

"Yeah." Kiara pitched in. "You meet the new guys today?" She winked at me. I tried to not blush.

"Well I met one of them. His name is Roman and he is gorgeous." I said making an over exaggerated face. "Anyways we can talk about it while we get ready for the party." I said to them.

"Party?" Audre said holding a hand to her head again.

"Yeah my father is throwing another one tonight in celebration of both the guys making it into the pack." I said. Audre got up faster than I expected and Kiara followed.

"Yay that means we can actually try on some of your dresses." Audre squealed and headed for my closet. She studied the numerous dresses for awhile before pulling out an emerald green dress. It was loose and flowed on her small skinny body. It also made her face and auburn hair stand out. "Your next Kiara." She said with a smile. Kiara walked over to the dresses and pulled out a completely black dress with hints of silver in it. "Perfect!" Audre said clapping her hands. I was silently laughing about how much of a fashion queen Audre was and how me and Kiara were a long way from it.

"You really think so?" Kiara said blushing her silver eyes turning a shade of red.

"Of course!" Audre said to her before turning to me.

"Now your next Callista." Audre said taking my arm and leading me through the dozens of dresses I had. We decided on a white and silver dress that was snug on my slim and tall body. We then headed into the bathroom where Audre did her makeup and helped Kiara with hers when she got frustrated. I applied a smokey color to my eyes making the deep green stand out. After we were finished and we had gotten everything done it was early in the evening and people were already arriving. I looked at my friends and they were stunning. A bit of sadness formed in my heart at the thought of what they used to be. I was glad that my father had freed Kiara and her family from slavery from another clan and saved Audre's mom from slavery when Audre was still in the womb. Kiara lives in the wealthy part of town in a mansion my father reserved for them. Audre's mom decided to live in the castle with us and she helps my mother and the maids with the cooking and cleaning and work of the castle as her gratitude to us. I felt bad that their race was used as slaves. They weren't wolves like us they form into small woodland creatures. Some clans believe that since they cannot turn into a wolf and can only be something less powerful than they are below us. My father gets furious at whoever believes that. Kiara can turn into a small snow white rabbit and Audre can turn into a fox. Unusual ironic of choice friends huh?

"Callista? Hello you there?" Audre said waving her hand a little.

"Oh, sorry just thinking about things." I said to them smiling.

"Probably the new guy who is going to sweep her off her feet tonight." Audre winked and nudged Kiara making her giggle. the door opened and my mother came in wearing a long traditional white and sliver dress with black patterns and designs on it.

"Are you girls ready? You're not going to be taking for ever now are you?" She said with a smile. 

"Were ready!" We all chimed which made her chuckle to her self a little.

"Oh and Callista a boy asked your father if he could escort you to the dance and your father told him that he could. And Kiara and Audre, Axel and Xavier are waiting for you two already as well." She said winking to us and slipping out of the room again. I was filled with excitement, Roman had probably asked my father. We made our way out of the bathroom and out of my room. We walked down the stairs to find Axel, Xavier, and Jarien instead of Roman. I mean I didn't mind that Jarien was the one to escort me but I thought Roman would have wanted to. As we made it to the bottom of the stair case Jarien took my hand in his and kissed it.

"You look beautiful princess." Jarien said to me which made my heart flutter. No man had ever talked to me like that let along even grab my hand unless it was a training exercise.

"Thank you." I said to him trying to hide my blushing. He kept hold of my hand and lead me into the throne room which was now almost filled with people. Delicious looking food filled the tables on the sides of them and people were already helping themselves to the desserts. Jarien smiled at me and leaned over next to my ear.

"I'm supposed to walk you up next to your family right?" He asked me. I nodded to him and he nodded back. He guided me up to my father who had my mother close to him and a chalice of wine in the other. My father smiled at us as we made our way next to him and he wicked and me and nudged my side making it almost impossible not to blush.

"Now that everyone is here," My father began "a toast to the new members of our pack, Jarien and Roman!" my father said to the crowd and everyone applauded and cheered. He patted Jarien on the back and I looked around the room for Roman. I couldn't find him and that made me mad. The only reason I came was because I thought it would make him happy. He sent us on our way and Jarien leaned over and said to me,

"May I have this dance princess?" He said to me. I nodded and he guided me to where everyone was dancing. He put a hand on my waist and I put my arms around his neck. He danced flawlessly and, at times, literally swept me off my feet. We danced and he made me feel like we were the only two in the room.

"I never got a chance to actually introduce myself." Jarien said to me. "I'm Jarien Achard. And you are?" 

"Callista Aoihann." I said to him.

"Callista. That's a unique name." Jarien said to me.

"Yes my mother named me." I said to him."Welcome to the pack by the way, oh, and by the way you are a really good fighter. You must have came from a another well trained clan?" I asked him.

"No, actually I came from a poorer clan that didn't have much territory." He said a bit of sadness crossing his face. "I trained to get into a clan like this all my life and bring my mother with but she died not to long ago so I live alone." He said to me I felt bad for him and I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck. 

"How did she pass?" I said feeling bad I asked the question."I... Um sorry I shouldn't be asking for your entire life story." I said to him which he responded with a smile and a shake of his head.

"No you are fine. Before we go on with our life stories maybe we should get a drink first?" He asked me. I thought on it and I was actually feeling parched from all the dancing so I nodded and we went to he table of assorted foods and we both poured ourselves some wine to drink. He took my hand and lead me outside to my mothers garden and we sat near a pond in the center of the garden.

"Okay, now what did happen to your mom?" I asked him.

"She was killed by a vampire. She was part of my clans pack and when they went out for a recon mission to see if vampires were moving in on our territory they ambushed my moms group and killed majority of them." He said to me.

"Oh, Jarien" I touched his face. "I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad you are in our clan you will be safe here." I said to him. He smiled and gave me a look like he was grateful.

"Thank you Callista." He said to me." I swore to myself that I would never grow attached to anyone ever again in case they got hurt.. But something about you makes my heart soar and I want to protect you. I know you might think I sound crazy or like a weird guy but that is why I asked your father to escort you to the dance." He said to me. I looked for signs in his eyes if he was untrue with his words but I only saw hope twinkling in his beautiful eyes. He cupped my face with his hands and pulled me in to kiss me. His lips were warm and soft and my heart felt like it was set on fire. I knew he was my mate the moment we kissed. He pulled me closer to him he kissed me harder. I never wanted this night or this moment to end. He sat me on his lap and I rested my head on his shoulder. I hiccuped giving me a clear sign that the wine was really potent and I was drunk. Jarien laughed and tickled my sides.

"I want to show you something." Jarien whispered in my ear. I nodded and he we went back into the castle and through the doors. Turning into wolves I followed him as he ran into the woods



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