A Dangerous Game Called Love

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Marie Reynolds
Callista dreams of one day finding her other half. But what happens when she finds her self with two mates? Who will Callista pick? And with a new threat on their hands things get a little more harder than they thought.


8. Chapter 8

When I finally stirred from my slumber I felt an absence of a body next to me. As I let my eyes flutter open I saw that Roman was no longer laying next to me, his arms holding me in a protective embrace.

I sat up suddenly and scanned the room only to fall short. He wasn’t in the room either. Feelings of panic and unease suddenly blanketed me and I felt as though I was abandoned. My inner wolf was going insane too, looking for her mate and wondering where he had gone to. That only added to the stress I was feeling in the moment.

“Roman?” My voice called out in a scared tone, cracking a bit. “Roman!” I called out again, a little louder this time. I slid my feet to the side of the bed and got up, I needed to find him. Not only for my sake but also for the sake of my wolf. If I kept up like this I would no doubt, send myself into a full blown melt down.

I took a breath and closed my eyes for a moment. Breathe Callista, I told myself. I waited until I could feel my heartbeat slow down to normal again before I took hold of the door knob.

I felt someone else also take hold of the handle as they turned it faster and with more strength than I did. I quickly backed up so that the door wouldn’t end up hitting me in the face and I prayed that Roman was the person on the other side of the door.

My body felt like it was filled with euphoria as my eyes met Roman’s and his worried eyes greeted me.

“Callista? Are you alright? What’s wrong?” He asked quickly, his voice filled with concern as he scanned the room and then me to see if I was hurt. I rushed to him and wrapped my arms around his sides tightly as though I was a lost child.

“I-I thought you left me. I thought I w-was all alone.” I stammered, my voice muffled by his shirt. I took a breath to calm down and he smelled like pine and spice. It seemed to drive my wolf crazy as she took in the smell greedily. We both seemed to calm down after that as I nuzzled my face against his shirt. I felt his hand hold me close and the other stroke my hair to comfort me.

“Callista, I would never leave you. I would protect you with my own life.” He started, the way he spoke made it clear he was honest.

“Where did you go then? I woke up and you were gone!” I stated, gripping him a little tighter and taking a moment to look up at him.

“I wanted to help Alexa make breakfast since she let us stay here last night. I also wanted to see what else was all going on with the intruders.” Roman started, “I’m sorry, I should have woken you up and told you sooner.” He let out a quiet whine as he finished his sentence.

“I forgive you. I’m sorry I panicked.” I said, feeling my face grow hot with embarrassment.

I was supposed to be a top fighter in my clan. Being the pride and joy of my father and mother, the Alphas of the clan, I was put through days of training to get where I am. Yet, something as simple as Roman not being in the room seemed to make all that training useless. I felt ashamed in myself for letting it all get to me. I felt as though my father would be ashamed of me for giving in so easily when presented with a challenge.

Then again, this was supposed to be my mate. These feelings that I got with Roman were all new and uncharted territory. I wonder if Audrie and Kiara felt the same way when they first found Axel and Xavier. I wished they were here and that things were back to normal.

“You’re alright Callista, that’s a totally normal response after finding your mate only days ago and with the current situation we are in, both of our wolves are on guard and want to protect each other.” Roman spoke softly and laughed a little, “I would have probably went feral if I woke up and you were gone.” He admitted.

I nodded and looked up at him. His smile comforted me and his sea green eyes looked back down at mine with love. He really did care for me, I could see it, and so could my wolf.

“So what has been going on then with everything?” I asked, wondering how much he had found out since waking up.

“Their hold on castle was unsuccessful and they retreated as more wolves came to fight them off. Since your father probably told them nothing they might still send out small teams to find you.” Roman stated, his fist balling up in anger.

“Looking for me? Why, what do they want with me?” I wondered and was a bit taken aback by his words. I had nothing to offer them that my father and mother didn’t already have.

“I would assume that they want to use you as a tactic to make your father stand down. Your clan is one of the strongest in the area and they want control of that no doubt.” Roman explained. “Since they left, more people have started coming out of their houses but I’m still worried about you.” Roman told me. “I don’t know if it’s safe for you to go back home yet.”

“If they left the castle and our clan has it on lockdown why would that not be the safest place for me to go?” I asked, “And I need to see my parents and make sure they are okay.” I started, letting go of Roman and folding my arms.

“Calli, it still might be dangerous out there. I wouldn’t know what to do if you got hurt.” Roman argued. “I don’t feel good about this.”

I waved him away, “Roman, I’m a top fighter in the clan, I can protect myself very well. You don’t need to worry about me. I just know that I need to see how my friends and parents are doing.” I decided. Nothing that would come out of his mouth would make me change my mind either. I was already  grabbing my boots and lacing them up before I let him speak again.

“Then let me come with you. I know you’re strong but I want to be able to know you’re okay. I just can’t let you go alone.” He told me as he backed down from his plan of staying at Alexa’s. “Do you want to at least eat breakfast first?”

“Only if we are quick, the longer we take the longer I will be keeping my parents worried about me.” I explained to him. He nodded and took my hand to squeeze it for a moment before we both headed down the hallway towards the kitchen.

Alexa was already there, sipping tea out of a mug and knitting the start of a hat. She greeted us warmly with a smile and gestured towards chairs with plates laid out before them.

“I’m guessing Roman already filled you in on what has been going on in the kingdom?” Alexa asked me warmly as she took another sip of her tea.

“Yes he did already,” I started, taking a seat at the table and trying not to let my mouth water at the sight of the food, “Thank you for making breakfast for us. That was very kind of you.” I finished, giving her a warm smile.

“Well, it’s not everyday that I have someone as important as the Alpha King’s daughter staying in my home.” Alexa added waving her cup of tea at me.

“Please, don’t think of me as just the King’s daughter. We’re friends now, just call me by Callista.” I told her. I smiled when I saw her eyes crinkle as she grinned. Though she was much older something about her made her look beautiful. Her eyes were a lovely turqouise and her inner animal was given away easily by the slitted cat eyes she gazed at us with.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t stay longer Alexa, Callista wants to check on her parents as soon as possible.” Roman spoke up, his plate already finished.

Woah, I thought to myself, How did he finish his food so fast?

Roman smiled and let out a little chuckle as he saw my mouth wide in astonishment.

“What are you gaping at?” He asked between laughs.

“Your plate! The food is all gone! How did you eat that fast?” I asked. He only laughed again and roughed up my hair.

“I always eat quicker than most. You’re too used to the formality of eating at your house.” He teased and I swatted his hand away before fixing my hair.

I cleared my throat and got up from my seat at the table, “Anyhow, Like what Roman said I apologize that I can’t stay longer, Alexa.” I told her.

“No worries, Callista. I understand you must be worried sick about your parents and your friends. Just know you are always welcome back at my house if you want.” She smiled before getting up from her seat and leading us to the door.

Alexa gave a final wave as we left her house and Roman and I waved back. The streets were drastically less filled than the day prior and people seemed to be in more of a hurry, wanting to get what they came out to do and get home. Roman let his hand take hold of mine and he gave it a squeeze as if to comfort me.

“Do you think my mother is okay?” I asked Roman.

“I’m sure she is fine Cali, don’t get yourself all worked up before we get there.” Roman answered as he placed a small kiss on my forehead.

We finally got to the top of the hill and my heart jumped as my house was in sight. I wanted so badly to just run as fast as my legs would take me but I willed myself to stay calm and stay by Roman. He made it easier to control myself as he would give me little hand squeezes and try to distract me from my thoughts.

As we got to the front entrance the door opened and Axel stood there.

“Callista! We’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He exclaimed, not even acknowledging Roman and scooping me up into a huge bear hug. I giggled as he swung me around in joy and I could see Xavier walking towards us from deeper in the house. As the two brothers both stood at the door Axel let me go and they both turned their gazes towards Roman.

“Where were you all this time? No one knew where you were. We thought you got captured.” Xavier spoke up, his body language tried to convince us that he was mad, but his voice gave away clear distress and worry.

“I was with Roman for the day, We ended up spending the night at his house when the attack happened. If I wasn’t with him I probably would have been captured.” I told both of them.

“Pretty bold of you to bring a girl, the Alpha’s daughter at that, into your house.” Xavier narrowed his eyes at Roman. There was clear hostility in the air now. I could even feel Roman’s wolf getting agitated.

“I didn’t do anything she wasn’t comfortable with. You shouldn’t worry about my mate anyways.” Roman shot back.

“Mate? That’s even bolder to say.” Xavier commented. Axel stopped him as he placed a hand on Xavier’s shoulder.

“Is that true, Callista? Is this wolf your mate?” Axel asked me with a calmer voice. He was always the one who wanted to figure things out before jumping into a fight, unlike his brother. Axel was very mellow whereas Xavier was hot headed and stubborn.

I thought about what Axel asked me and my mind wandered back to Jarien and the night that we had during the party. I thought what I felt with Jarien was real and there was no doubt that he was my mate. But then Roman and I had an amazing day and night together and he protected me all through the panic of the attack.

“Yes.. Roman is my mate. He protected me all night and stayed by my side.” I declared. I saw Roman give me a smile and blush slightly from the corner of my eye.

“What about that Jarien guy then? During the party he was almost positive that he was your mate.” Xavier pointed out.

“He must be wrong then. The night I had with Jarien was nice, yes, but Roman was ready to protect me with his life.” I explained to both of them.

They both gave him one last look before they nodded and let both of us in.

“You know your father will want to talk to Roman if he is your mate.” Axel added.

“Why would he want to talk to him so soon?” Callista asked. Normally, once a wolf found it’s mate they would spend time together and when they were ready the male or female would sometimes have a talk with the father or mother about bonding with their mate.

“Don’t you think that it’s a little weird that as soon as these two wolves join our pack, we get attacked days after?” Xavier asked me.

“Roman had nothing to do with the attack, Xavier.” I growled, getting protective over Roman. I didn’t want to hear the nonsense Xavier was spouting.

“Well, that’s what your father wants to talk to Roman about, he can tell if he’s lying right away you know. And if he’s not then he’s free to go.” Xavier commented.

“Free to go? What do you mean?” I asked, puzzled.

“I’m sorry Callista, but until we get this all figured out, we will have to keep a close watch on Roman and Jarien when we find him.” Axel told me with sad eyes.

I knew what that meant when he said they would have to keep a close eye on him. It meant that until they figured out who planned the attack,

Roman would be a prisoner.  

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