A Dangerous Game Called Love

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Marie Reynolds
Callista dreams of one day finding her other half. But what happens when she finds her self with two mates? Who will Callista pick? And with a new threat on their hands things get a little more harder than they thought.


5. Chapter 5

When I woke up my head hurt. Like really bad. I looked around and I realized I wasn't in the woods anymore. I was in a small room that was dimly lit, I looked around and saw a bookshelf against the wall filled with books. The shelf looked expensive and beautifully carved. Next to the bookshelf was a desk that had some papers on it. Again this desk had decorative designs on it and it also looked like it wasn't cheap. I felt a tug on my waist and I saw someone's hand around me I turned and saw Jarien fast asleep next to me. I started to get a little panicky. What happened all last night? I looked and I was in a bra and underwear. I sighed and held my head. Now is not the time for thinking Callista you have the worst hangover. I looked over at Jarien who had no shirt but pants on. Good so nothing drastic happened. I noticed a tattoo on his body one below his chest and the other on his shoulder. One was of phoenix with a name under it with his same last name. I figured it was his mom but it still made me curious. I reached out and ever so carefully placed my hand on it touching it and running my fingers along the ink. He must of noticed because his muscles flared a little and his eyes fluttered as he woke up. He smiled at me,

"Good morning Princess." Jarien said to me. I smiled to him and he lifted my chin to kiss me. His breath also still smelled like wine. I remember then why I had woken him up in the first place. I looked back down to his tattoo's and touched it.

"What's that?" I asked him. He looked down and smiled.

"Oh that it's a tattoo I got after my mom died. See her name is under it and it's a phoenix to resemble that even when I'm hurt and weak that I can be reborn again." He said with a slight smile. He slipped out of bed and headed for the door.

"I'm going to make breakfast for us okay?" He said before giving me a soft smile and going down the stairs to the kitchen. I stood up and wandered around the room and then decided I needed some sort of clothes. 

"Jarien! Do you have a shirt I could borrow?" I called down to him.

"Yeah in the dresser you can take one." He said back. I walked over to the dresser and pulled out a clean shirt to throw on. He must have earned a lot of money before coming here from all the fancy furniture and clothes he had. The only thing strange about it was that it all seemed too nice for a young boy to have. He only had a few clothes in the dresser, but I expected there to be a lot since he was living in this kingdom now. I pulled out a clean shirt that hung off of me like a drape. I walked downstairs and Jarien already had a fire going and you could hear the crack and sizzle of bacon on the pan. 

"Smells good." I stated, putting my arms around him. He moved his arm over me to pull me closer. It was just yesterday that I was mourning over the fact that I would never find a mate but now Jarien was here. My thought's drifted off as I thought of Roman, tall and lean, yet unbelievably shy at times. I had no idea how a man that perfect could be so shy though, any woman or man would want him.

"What are you thinking about?" Jarien asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

"Nothing, just you." I responded. I wasn't lying, I was just telling a half truth.  He smiled,

"Will you get out plates for us?" Jarien asked. He pointed to a wooden cupboard and and I reached up for it, taking the plates out and setting them on the table. The food he prepared for us was amazing, not as good as my mom's but close. We ate and talked about simple things, training and what it was like here. When I finished I hugged him goodbye and went to go back to the castle. I felt my hands turn to claws and my small ears turn into slanted wolf ones. I ran back to the castle wanting to change into something more, decent. I ran up to my room and neither Audre, nor Kiara were here. 

The wolves had the day off so I figured that they were with there mates. I got out some clothes of mine, putting on a jacket and a black shirt that hugged my body. I slipped on my black pants I used for training, it had loops big enough to hang weapons on if I needed to. I sighed and laid down on the bed, I almost jumped through the roof though when something crumpled under me. I slid my hand behind me and snatched a paper. I didn't understand why but my heart sped up as I read who it was by, Roman. 

Hey Callista, I didn't see you

at the party. I came a little late I apologise

I had something come up. I was hoping to

see you today. I already let your

father know and I'll be

there around noon.

Signed ,Roman

I thought about what the time was when I left Jarien's and decided that it was very close to noon. My thoughts were confirmed though, as my door made a creak and a golden headed boy poked his head around the corner.

"Good you're home." Roman said smiling. "You saw my note right?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, my father had a speech for you and Jarien last night in honor of you guys joining but you missed it. I wondered if he had seen me and Jarien together last night.

"No I was late to get there and when I did, Axel had told me that you might have left early." He said taking a seat on the edge of the bed. "He said something about you not liking crowds." He wasn't wrong, I didn't like crowds.

"Yeah, I did end up leaving." 

"That's why I wanted to see you today there's been something I have been meaning to tell you." He said, not fully looking at me and scooting closer. If he kissed me then maybe then I would know who my mate was. But at the same time a pang of guilt hit me as I thought about kissing another man. I let the thoughts slide though as Jarien and I weren't officially "together". 

"Yeah, what is it you wanted to say?" I asked him. He smiled and finally looked at me, he was blushing slightly and his wolfish green eyes stared into mine. 

"Well, um,-" He said, almost like he was unsure of himself. He shook his head and continued. "Since I have met you I get a weird sensation when I'm around you or think of you. I don't know what to call it but its like my stomach does flips like butterflies. Only, it's more passionate, warmer, and demanding." He stated and I moved closer to him, almost drawn to him somehow. I looked up at him and his eyes looked hungry, or longing. He put his hands on my face and drew me closer to him. For a fleeting moment I felt like it might be wrong to be doing this but the thought vanished. Roman lifted me to him and kissed my cheek, lightly. Then he moved to my jaw line, then my temple. I grabbed him by his shirt and moved his lips on mine. We kissed, slowly at first, before he let out a low growl and bit down on my lip, kissing me harder. It sent chills down my spine but at the same time he felt warm and safe. He pressed me down on the bed and pushed down on my body. I could hear his heart racing and I wanted to freeze this moment and live in it forever. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around me, bringing me closer to him. I pulled back when his growling started again and he tugged at the loops on my jeans.

"Roman.." I said to him, stopping and staring.

"What? Did I do something wrong." He said, he looked hurt for a moment for he hid it away." I'm sorry I don't know what got into me." He stated, still laying on top of me, his heart was still beating a mile a minute and his body was warm. 

"No, no it's okay, Roman. I'm just confused that's all." I said to him.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it's not that I didn't like kissing you, because believe me I really did. But I thought all my life I wouldn't find a mate and now you're here. And Jarien tried to kiss me last night and I thought maybe he was my mate. Now I'm not so sure." I said looking away from him. He rolled off of me and scooped me up in his arms. I thought I saw anger in his eyes but it was quickly replaced by a sweet smile.

"I'm sorry, Callista..." He paused "Let me make it up to you alright? Spend the day with me and I promise you won't regret it." Roman said, taking my hand in his. Leading me out of my room and out of the castle I smiled at how hard he was trying to make me happy.

"Where are we going?" I said with a slight giggle.

"The market place, I have a surprise for you." He said kissing my cheek quickly.


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