A Dangerous Game Called Love

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Marie Reynolds
Callista dreams of one day finding her other half. But what happens when she finds her self with two mates? Who will Callista pick? And with a new threat on their hands things get a little more harder than they thought.


4. Chapter 4

I ran after him giggling like a little girl. He slowed a little so we could run beside each other he nudged me and I nudged him back. I realized I was way farther in the woods than I had ever gone. I looked over at him and took in his black coat and his muscles bulging a little as he ran. He slowed and I took in our surroundings. The trees cleared a little to show a see through pond sparkling in the moonlight. A huge tree towering over all the others. I was stunned by the beauty of this place and didn't notice as Jarien pushed me over and laid on me. I wasn't going to let him have it so easy so I slipped out from under him and nipped at his ear. He growled in displeasure and tried getting me back I ran towards the tree and he followed me. Gaining speed he jumped and we both fell and turned into out human selves under the tree. He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him and I giggled and hiccuped. I looked to see his staring at me with a slight smile on his face.
"What? What are you looking at?" I asked him.

"Well for one your super tipsy and two I just can't get over how beautiful you are princess." He said running his fingers through my hair. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. 

"Do you say that to all the girls you meet?" I asked him.

"Your the only girl I've gotten this close to Callista." Jarien's becoming more stern as he played with my hair a little more.

"Actually? A gorgeous guy like you hasn't been with anyone?" I said to him, I still wasn't letting myself fall for him as fast as I wanted to. He seemed saddened by my words and I felt a pang in my chest that longed for him and wanted to comfort him.

"I wouldn't intentionally lie to you Callista. I am completely honest when I say I have never been this close to a girl before, not including my mom, I never had the intention to get close to a girl. I only really wanted to be alone, train, and get into a good clan that I could train more to avenge my mom someday. Then I met you I've never had the feeling I did with any other girl than I did with you. It was like..." He seemed to be struggling on his words." Like that nothing else mattered and no one else was their, only me and you, that's how I felt when I first laid my eyes on you." He said and I knew every word was truthful. I knew how to tell when people lied because of training I've received and the fact that people are just really bad lairs. Mate. The word played in my mind and I tried to fight away the thought... I like him. I really did. Maybe even border lie loved him. But what if this was all a joke? Something that might blow over and he will change his mind. I would be alone again without anyone to hold me like he held me now. But what about Roman? He seemed to like me a lot too. I was confused but I let my thoughts go away and I just listened to the thrum of Jarien's heart. 

"You're the only guy to tell me that and even be holding me right now." I said to him, I tried to hide the sadness on my face. 

"That surprises me actually." He said as he looked down he got worried and lifted my face towards his. "I know you're being truthful though and your face shows it. I know it must be hard for you being the princess and all and not finding anyone till now." He looked into my eyes. "But I'm here now and I won't ever leave. Ok? I don't think I could leave you on my own. Not unless you told me to." He said kissing me hard. I kissed him back and it was the most passionate night that I've ever had and I know that this was a memory I wouldn't forget.

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