A Dangerous Game Called Love

Copyright © 2013 Hailee Marie Reynolds
Callista dreams of one day finding her other half. But what happens when she finds her self with two mates? Who will Callista pick? And with a new threat on their hands things get a little more harder than they thought.


1. Callista

I hated coming to my parents parties. I have ever since my two best friends Audre and Kiara had found their mates. I sat on my throne and watched everyone dance, laugh, and have fun with their mates. Even on my 16th birthday I haven't found a mate. That's pretty sad when everyone is born with a mate that they are destined to meet. Some meet them as soon as they are born others can meet anytime in their life time. For me though, well by sixteen you should already have a mate. Especially if you are the princess of the biggest and most feared clan. I sighed, "I should be having fun with everyone else rather than just moping here." I mumbled to myself. But who would I talk to? I turned when I felt a small hand on my shoulder. "Mother." I said looking her up and down I knew by the frown on her face that she wanted me to be enjoying my birthday party. In truth I did like it, it was the most beautiful party I had ever went to.

"Do you not like your party Callista?" She asked rubbing my shoulder a little, her pale blue eyes softened. "I tried to make it so that you would love it."

"No mother, I love it it's beautiful," I sighed "It's just that it's my 16th birthday and I have no mate or even a boyfriend and everyone else does." I looked away from her. She smiled and her eyes didn't show any sadness in them.

"Now dear, you do have a mate out there for you. Everyone does. You just need patience. You don't need a mate now anyways you do fine without one now anyways, go and have fun with your friends." She said kissing my forehead. I got up and walked down from where the thrones where. I didn't even get close to my friends before a girl I used to be friends with, Vanessa, stopped me.

"Hey look who decided to stop moping around all by herself and actually have some fun for a change." She said laughing. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Whatever." I said brushing her off. Her boyfriend Luke had found her and wrapped his arms around her. I laughed to myself about how karma worked. Vanessa was so mean to everyone but little did she know that her boyfriend has been cheating on her almost since they got together. The reason why he was late was probably because he was with someone else. Luke was the reason I didn't want a boyfriend. I wanted to tell Vanessa about Luke but I know that she wouldn't believe me and then Luke would start something with me. I walked past them and found my two best friends sitting on separate couches across from each other and were debating over something. As I approached them Audre got up and gave me a huge hug.

"Happy birthday Callista!!" She said squeezing me. Kiara got up and gave me a small hug and softly said happy birthday to me. I always loved both of them for how hot and cold they were. Audre was so spazzy and energetic while Kiara was soft spoken and shy. 

"Thanks I said back to both of them." I smiled feeling a little better they weren't hanging on their mates. "Where is Axel and Xavier?" I asked them.

"Dunno. Probably with your father. Xavier said something about new recruits from a different pack." Audre said to me. We sat on the couches, occasionally drinking from chalices of wine and talked for a little while longer before the party had died down. We rounded the corner and went up the long marble stairs to my room. Audre, always the first one to get to my room, pushed both of the doors open. She ran and jumped onto the couch in the far side of my room and settled in Kiara was close behind her and sat on another couch directly across from it. I sat next to Audre and as I sat down Audre looked at me innocently.

"Hey um would it be ok if Xavier came over Callista? I wanted to ask because I know it's your birthday and I didn't want to make it crappy or something. Kiara was wondering the same thing too she was just scared to say anything." Audre asked batting her eyes at me.

"I don't care Audre," I laughed trying to hide my feel feelings,"You guys are welcome to have them over." Audre leaned over and gave me a hug. 

"Thank you so much!" She said, I nodded, I didn't really care if they were here anyways. Xavier was my friend and I even introduced him to Audre after her messy break up with another guy. Axel, well he was just like Kiara, shy and quiet. So it was like he wasn't here anyways. Xavier came through my bedroom doors a moment later, Axel close at his heels, and hopped onto the couch next to Audre.

"Sup birthday girl." He said to me. 

"Good till you got here." I joked with him as he shot me a look.

"You have to tell your father to go easy on the training he's killing me." Xavier said to me.

"His training isn't bad at all you're probably just not the best at it. I mean I get trained just like you and I'm fine with it." I said as he let out a low growl.

"He probably just goes easy on you cuz' your a girl." He said trying to cover himself.

"I think his training is fine." Axel butted in and Xavier hung his head in defeat. We talked about the newbies that had just started two weeks ago. After that everyone was pretty exhausted so I got into my bed and held one of my pillows close to me. I got angry at myself for getting so sad about not having anyone to sleep with.

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