Will you catch me if i fall? <3


1. chapter 1.

Natalie P.O.V.

As I approached my new school and stared up at it Yet again we had moved. Sigh. Why can't I stay in one place long enough? Am I really that bad of a person?

Oh hey sorry about that ignore me. I'm Natalie but everyone calls me Nat I'm new here i just moved from England to the us and I'm so nervous everything's so different.

I'm a 17 year old girl. I love music and dancing and also god and my family.

My favourite colours are purple. And I'm quite shy until you get to know me

The school bell rang distracting me from my thoughts I made my way into the tall building

"Natalie you'll be fine you've done this a thousand times" I whispered to myself before taking a deep breathe. I entered the school office a tall lady,with brown hair and green eyes in a black plain,knee length skirt approached me.

"You must be Natalie I'm Mrs Brown I'm the head teacher here it's so very nice to meet you welcome to our school." She added a welcoming smile.

"It's nice to meet you too" I replied with a smile

"Have you ever been to an American school before?"She said gesturing towards me taking a seat as she sat down in front of her desk.

Her pale green eyes shifted to behind me.

"Justin what are you doing out of class?" Mrs Brown questioned placing her hands on her hips as she stood up from her seat.

"Sorry. I was late." He replied.

I turned around to face a tall boy with dirty,blonde hair,caramel eyes and a beautiful smile. Wow. He was perfect. The most perfect boy I've ever seen and he's called Justin. Such a cute name too. His SnapBack was on backwards,his black hoodie zipped half way up and his black jeans placed around his waist.

"Okay.Get to class." Mrs Brown motioned pointing out of the door.

"Okay okay I'm going." Justin shot me a smile before leaving and walking to class.

"As I was saying Natalie welcome to our school. You'll get used to us we're quite different from the UK. She chuckled. Are you ready for the tour? She questioned!"

"Yes" I replied and followed as she lead ahead. She was showing me the classrooms,where my locker was,where the canteen was and everything like that but the only thing I could think about was Justin I didn't even know him but he seemed so sweet and funny. Finally we reached my classroom Mrs Brown opened the door as I followed her in all eyes was on me.literally. I just didn't want to be at the front of the class. My eyes began to scan around the room taking every last detail in the posters on the walls,the desks. My eyes shot open as I looked towards the back of the class. He looked familiar. It was the boy from before it was Justin.

"This is our new student. Her name is Natalie. Welcome her to the school. I'm sure she's very nervous" and with that she turned around and left.

My teacher was a woman with light blonde hair placed in a low pony tail, wearing a black shirt and trousers.

"Welcome Natalie if you can take a seat next to Justin! Justin raise your hand".

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