In case you didn't know this, but the name is Brennah Alexandra Stevens. I go by Bri for short actually because I hate the name Brennah. I'm a 21 year old trying to get through life without having to deal with a scumbag. I'm an athletic trainer for a College football team in LA. I plan to move up to the NFL level because the pay is even better. I am currently the athletic trainer for USC. Which is where I graduated years ago. But the doesn't matter, right? It's about them...

Men. They say they love you, and care for you only to go behind your back with another women. Typical. I'm so fed up with it. It's pushed me to the edge. I no longer trust any men anymore. I despise them. But don't get me wrong the are like sex magnets.

That is until he entered my life again...


2. The Stranger




“Ugh Abby…” I groan as my dog decides to make herself comfortable on top of me. I just wanted to sleep in a little more is that too much to ask for? I make an attempt to roll over so I can see what time it is on the clock beside my bed. It read 11:01 am. I would have slept till 12 if it wasn’t for my dog.

I turn back around squinting my eyes as the clouds refrain the sun from peaking out today. Typical weather in New York. I could see a brief view of the skyline of New York. It was still beautiful in the day. At night it’s breathtaking to look at. Days like this when I wish I could be in a skyscraper right now to see the view.

I look down at my dog to see she has placed herself comfortably on the bottom half of my body. “Abby can you please get off my body? I need to get up.” I said letting out a sigh. She lifts her head up at the mention of her name, but I guess she wasn’t catching on to what I meant. Well then again she’s dog.

“Abby get off of me!” I tell her while trying to squirm my way out from underneath her. She catches on finally and removes herself from my bed. “Thank god.” I sigh relieved that I can now get up and move.

I pull off my covers only seconds later regretting that decision as the cold air nips my skin leaving goose-bumps up and down my body. I groan in frustration. Now I’m like a fucking ice cube. I quickly roll out of bed, and scurry over to the bathroom. I turn on the shower turning the knob all the way to hot.

 While I wait for the ice cold water to get warm I rinse my face and brush my teeth. I have such bad morning breath in the morning. I usually use my Listerine to get rid of that, but silly me forgot it back at home so now I have to go by another one. I swear I thought I put it in my bag too!

I finish cleaning myself up, and stick my hand under the water. Ahh just how I like it. I quickly take of my clothes, and step inside the shower. The warm water cascades down my body sending goose-bumps of pleasure. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Baths are so much more relaxing though, but I wanted to get going so I can get my morning hot chocolate. Well more like afternoon now.

I’m still tired from last night after having such a long ass conversation with my friend Abigail. I don’t think that girl understand the difference between time zones that we live in. That girl could go on and on for hours about the most randomness stuff ever. Well we both do that a lot. Our conversations always go from normal to us talking about sex, or something involving men. Then Abigail starts go on about how she has this “perfect” guy for me, but I instantly say no to her because I’m not looking for any relationships right now.  

She always tells me I’m going to die a lonely cat lady or something. Abigail over reacts a lot as you can tell. I won’t die a lonely cat lady okay. I’m just waiting for the right person, and one that won’t break my heart like the rest of the scumbags. That’s all.

I finished my shower, and wrap myself up in a big fluffy towel. I walk out of my bedroom and walk over to my walk-in closet. Hmm… what to wear today. I’m so indecisive when it comes to picking clothes. Abigail is so much better at doing that part for me.

Well it is a little chilly outside; I should go with something that’s comfy and warm. I pull out my forest green trench coat from American Eagle. I proceed to pull out a black pair of leggings, and a cute white graphic tee. To top it off I add a vanilla color scarf, my café brown Uggs, and my cute vanilla beanie to match my scarf. I think I picked a good outfit this time. Abigail would be proud. Ha-Ha. I apply a minimal cover up, and some mascara to my eyelashes. That’ll do it.

I feed Abby some dog food before I leave. Don’t want to leave her starving. I would take her with me to Starbucks but I really don’t want people looking at me funny because I brought my dog inside. So I decided to leave her home. You see whenever I’m in New York I always got up early to have some hot chocolate from Starbucks and read some books off my tablet. That’s what I consider a perfect start to my mornings.

I grab my Starbucks gift card, keys, and my tablet off the counter in the kitchen, and put them in my little handbag. I say my farewells to my dog and leave my house. The cold air nips at my skin sending shivers down my body. I shove my hands into my pockets and start my walk off to Starbucks.

You can hear the constant honking from cars as their all trying to get to a certain location on time. People walking up and down New York’s streets with place they need to be. The constant bicyclist ringing their little bells to warn the upcoming people in front of them. You can smell the heavenly scent of hot dogs, and pizza as it drifts through the air. I missed New York.

I finally reach the Starbucks down the street from my little place. Yes! Now I can have my wonderful hot chocolate! Maybe they’ll have chocolate muffins this time. Those are my favorite.

“Hi, what’ll it be for you miss?” The man asked with his dashing smile. Oh man was he hot. His dark chocolate brown eyes were to die for. His hair looked like a dark brown with hints of caramel in his hair. It looked a little tousled, which only added to his sexiness. I could see a little stubble along his strong jaw line. Damn…  His sweater was showing off every fine detail of his muscular body. You could easily tell he worked out. This was all too much for me. This man was like sex on legs.

“Umm miss?” The man asked. I had totally forgotten that I was there. I was probably drooling over this poor man. How embarrassing. My face began to turn red. I fucking hate how easily I can blush sometimes.

“Oh sorry. Umm can I get a hot chocolate?” I asked the handsome man. I looked at his name tag it read Brandon. Hmm not bad. Brandon you have to be by far the sexist man I’ve seen today.

“Sure. Would that be all for you today miss?” He asked giving me that awestruck smile. God that was so sexy when he did that.

“Do you guys have any chocolate muffins?” I asked curious.

“Yes, actually we do.” He said.

“Can I get one of those then?” I asked smiling back at him.

“Sure. Is that all then?” He asked.

“Yup.” I said popping the “p”.

“Okay well that will be $9.50 miss. And will this be to go or for here?” He asked.

“It’ll be for here, and here you go.” I said handing him a ten dollar bill.

“Alright your order will be right out then. May I have a name for this then?” He asked politely.

“Bri.” I state simply.

“Okay. Your order should be right out then.” He said before turning around to prepare my drink.

“Thanks.” I said. I turn around swiftly and walk over to a table that sits two. I pull out my tablet and unlock it. I go to my wifi settings and connect to the free wifi here. Got to love Starbucks and their free wifi. I open my library on my tablet, and open the book Quad, and began to read.  

Moments later the man calls out my order. Perfect. I walk up to the counter, and retrieve my chocolate muffin and hot chocolate. “Thank you.” I said giving him a full show of my pearly whites.

“No problem.” He says displaying his beautiful smiling. Looks like I’m going to need to come here more often. I walk back over to my little table, and set down my food. I pick up my tablet again, and began to start reading. Now this is what I considered a perfect way to start off my day. I put my feet up on the other chair that’s opposite from mine. I begin to sip away at my hot chocolate, and take bites out of my wonderful chocolate muffin. Mhhmm chocolate heaven.

“Is anyone sitting here?” A man’s voice interrupted my thoughts, and little moment of chocolate heaven. Hey I can’t help that I’m obsessed with chocolate muffins, and hot chocolate. It’s a weakness to me. I don’t usually eat chocolate because it makes me sick. Go figure, right?

I don’t bother to look up, or respond because I just want the mystery man to leave me alone. Well I assumed it was a man based off the deep tone of his voice. Anyways that’s not the point. The point is I just want this person to leave me alone. There are other damn tables to sit at. He doesn’t need to come sit next to me. Besides my parents said never to talk to stranger. Ha-ha! Since when do I ever listen to them? Good one Brennah.

“Hello?” The man said rudely. Obviously trying to get my attention, but not working. I know what you’re thinking right now. I am a weird bi-polar girl who is fucked up in the brain. I was practically ogling over the Starbucks guy behind the counter, and now I can’t even stand to respond to the man that wants to sit near me. That’s me for yah. But I don’t think you understand why I do this.

First of all, the guy that’s attempting to get my attention I already hate. One because he’ll probably try to use his so called “charm” like all other men. Then he’ll try to tempt me to his bed, or even worse… liking him. Which only spells heartbreak for me. No thank you. Second of all, the reason I’m drooling over sex god on legs behind the counter over there is because he wasn’t trying to flirt with me. Which I’m okay with, oddly. Also meaning no heartbreak. Does that make sense?

“Are you just going to ignore me?” The man asks clearly irritated by my act. I mentally snicker at the thought of this man annoyance. I haven’t even seen the man yet, and I can already tell by his tone that he’s pissed off.

“That’s the idea.” I state simply not even taking a peak at the man. I’m too damn interested in my book the Quad by C.G. Watson. I mean seriously I want to find out who the fucking shooter is already. The suspense is killing me in this book.

“Oh you spoke finally.” The man teased. Usually most guys leave me alone when I give them the cold shoulder. So it makes me more curious as to why this one is still here?

“Yeah that’s what humans do. Unless you’re from some other planet.” I said smirking while continuing to read on.

“Ha! That’s funny.” The man states sarcastically. He pulls out the chair opposing me making my feet hit the floor. Fucking prick. Something about his voice, and personality made me feel like I know him from somewhere.

“What the fuck.” I hiss. Now I’m not comfortable. I couldn’t help now, but look at this mystery man that decided today would be a perfect day to pick on me. When my eyes met with the unknown stranger I couldn’t’ help, but freeze in my spot. I was like a deer in the headlights. I know him. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to think of a name of a song, and it’s on the tip of your tongue, but can’t figure it out? Yeah well that’s how I’m feeling right now. I was about to open my mouth to say something, but decided against it.

“What’s wrong princess, cat got your tongue?” He said with a stupid smirk plastered on his face. Oh how much I just want to smack that expression off his face. This mystery man that irritates me, and makes my brain run in circles trying to figure out who the fuck he is.

“No actually it hasn’t.” I state snidely glaring at the man. His smirk only continues to get bigger.

“Oh so your one of those type of girls?” He asked crossing his arms over his chest.

“No I’m not one of “those” types of girls.” I state to him clearly. “Whatever the fuck that means.” I said clearly confused by what he’s trying to state. Either he means I’m some heartless bitches that hates everyone, or simply I’m just “easy” to get, I guess. I’m going with the first one because I am pretty much a heartless bitch who hates everyone. Well mostly men, but you get the point.

“You’re one of those girls who plays the whole “tough” girl act when really you’re as just as weak as any other girl.” He says cheekily.  Okay well that’s sort of what I meant by the whole heartless bitch thing, but it isn’t some fucking act. I am for sure not like most of the girls out there that are fucking pussies. That really irritates me.

“And you’re like one of those guys who sweet talks girls to get in their pants, or to just break their hearts.” I give him my fakest smile I could muster.

“I’m not sure if I should be honored or proud of myself right now.” He says with that stupid smirk again.

“How about neither. Now can you go away, and bother someone else.” I say to him going back to my tablet, and trying to ignore this mystery man in front of me.

“I think I’m going to have to go with honored.” He says ignoring everything I just said to him only moments ago. “In fact I think every man would be proud and honored if they accomplished that.” He states proudly. Could this man be any more of a prick?

“You’re still here?” I ask wanting nothing more from this man than to leave me alone.

“And you’re still breathing.” He says while smirking.

“Oh aren’t you the comedian.” I say getting annoyed of him. I stand up, and begin to pack my stuff away. If he isn’t going to leave then I will. I’m so fed up listening to his stupid remarks. It’s annoying the shit out of me.

“Yes, yes I am.” He smiles cheekily. “Where you going princess?” He asks in a teasing tone.

“Far, far, far away from you that’s for sure.” I say before pushing in my chair, and walking off with the rest of my hot chocolate in hand.

God people these days. They never know when to mind their own business, or when to shut up, and leave you alone. I just wanted some peace, and quiet. Is it that hard to ask for? Jeez.

I mean seriously who does that guy think he is? He just waltzes right in there thinking he can take a seat next to me, and try to flirt or whatever the fuck he was trying to do there. Umm sorry, but that’s not how I work. Honestly if I do happen to remember this guy later on I’ll probably understand why I forgot him because he is so god damn annoying. Like shoot me now. 

I began to shiver as the cold air nibs at my skin. I could be in Starbucks right now reading my book, and enjoying my warm drink. Not anymore! I don’t know why this man can get under my skin so easily. I ball up my fist in irritation. Just thinking about him makes me want to punch something right now. I take one last swig of my hot chocolate, and throw the rest away. It was starting to get cold anyways. Hot chocolate cold does not taste the same.

“What are you thinking about princess?” That same annoying voice said from the side of me. How could I not possibly notice the man walking next to me? Probably because you were too deep in thought about how you wanted to punch the annoying fool. Shut up conscience.

 I groan in frustration. “Don’t you have something better to do?” I said irritated by this man presence.

“I think you just ignored my question princess.” He said cheekily.

“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure you just ignored my question too. Besides it’s none of your business. Now can you leave me alone.” As I crossed my arms over my chest hoping to block out the constant shivers I got from the cold December air. My teeth even began to chatter away, like one of those annoying wind up chatter teeth toys.

“You’re a feisty one. I like it. They say the feisty ones are good in bed. ” He said smirking. I turn to look at him only to gawk at what he said to me. Who does this man think I am? A hooker?! I am most certainly not like most girls because most of them give in to a man’s charm. I however don’t! I’ve learned from my mistakes.

“You might want to close your mouth there darling. Don’t want you choking on any flies.” He said as he tucked his hands into his pocket, and looks straight ahead with that same smirk on his face.

“Well I’m not like other girls.” I said gruffly. I certainly don’t go around, and give into their evil charms. Though I don’t mind a one night stand from time to time. But it’s not like I do it every week, or every day! I don’t mean to sound like some slut, or whore. But I’m pretty sure there’s women around the world that feel lonely like me, and go to sex to fill the void from time to time. Yeah I admit it. I feel lonely, but I just don’t want to get hurt again by another man. I don’t think my heart can handle another heartbreak.

“You’re right on that… You know you zone out a lot.” He said. I could feel his eyes boring into the side of my head. I looked up to meet his eyes. They were chocolate honey brown. Almost a hazel color. I know this may sound weird, but I could get lost in those eyes. He even had a nice chiseled jaw line. I noticed that he happened to have two dimples on both sides of his cheeks, like me. Those were always a turn on for me. My eyes traveled down to his lips which looked so plush, and kissable. They were like a shade of baby pink. If that’s a color.

Then I realize what I was doing when I see the infamous smirk. I was caught staring at the man. I immediately look down, and I could feel the blush creeping up my cheeks. Oh dear God. Why do I have to be blushing in front of this complete stranger?!

“You like what you see?” He asks so confidently. What a prick. Okay, yeah I got caught staring at him, but most women do when you see a some what attractive man. Doesn’t mean I like him.

“No. In fact I’m repulsed by what I see.” I said smirking this time. Maybe that’ll kill your ego. Cocky son of a bitch.

“Uh-huh sure. I know you want me. All you have to say is when, and where.” He said cockily. Now that pushed me to my limits. I wanted to rip his throat out, and kick him where the sun don’t shine.

“Now you listen here.” I hissed coming to complete stop, and pointing my index finger at him. “I am certainly not some play toy, or some girl that wants to sleep with you. Not everything revolves around you. You have an ego the size of Texas, maybe even...” I was halted by the man’s lips on mine. I couldn’t think straight. They were soft and kissable like I thought they were. I felt tingles, and sparks everywhere in my body. I wanted to push the man off of me, and kick him in the nuts.

But my body wasn’t doing that. No. In fact I was doing the exact opposite. I was going with it. I even flung my arms around the stranger’s neck pulling him closer to me to feel more of him. He was so warm. It felt almost like… home. Our bodies felt perfect together. The weird thing is I was actually enjoying this stranger’s kiss. We both kissed with so much passion, yet we barely knew each other. I think.

We broke away. I was so breathless, and surprisingly he was too. “Wow…” He mumbled as if he was shocked by his own actions too. That’s when it hit me. What the fuck did I just do? Holy shit. I just broke all the rules I go by when it comes to men. And that wasn’t one of them. Then I did what every other woman would do at that moment. Well what most women would do.

I slapped him. My hand came in direct contact with the man’s face. He looked taken back. Even I was shocked by my own actions. I was gawking at the whole situation. I bet if someone saw my expression they probably see the shock written all over my face. He was holding his cheek now, but didn’t say a word. I didn’t know what to do, or say.

So I turned around slowly, and began to walk away. More like speed walk. I didn’t dare look back. Afraid it could happen again, and afraid of his expression on his face. I touched my lips. It felt as if his lips were still on me. I felt the blush rise to my cheeks. I need to get my shit together.

“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.” I whispered more to myself as I mentally hit my head. How could I break the most important rule about men?! Don’t fall for their charm. Well I wouldn’t say it was his charm at that moment in time, but I guess I’m going to have to consider it that.

Oh God. I came to NYC for family purposes, and a little vacation! Not to be pulled into a man’s kiss. I’m so screwed. I swear I know that man from somewhere. Damn it. I didn’t even get a name! I need to call Abigail…

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