In case you didn't know this, but the name is Brennah Alexandra Stevens. I go by Bri for short actually because I hate the name Brennah. I'm a 21 year old trying to get through life without having to deal with a scumbag. I'm an athletic trainer for a College football team in LA. I plan to move up to the NFL level because the pay is even better. I am currently the athletic trainer for USC. Which is where I graduated years ago. But the doesn't matter, right? It's about them...

Men. They say they love you, and care for you only to go behind your back with another women. Typical. I'm so fed up with it. It's pushed me to the edge. I no longer trust any men anymore. I despise them. But don't get me wrong the are like sex magnets.

That is until he entered my life again...


1. Prologue




Nothing beats a 6 hour flight to New York City during the Christmas holidays. Please someone save me from this nightmare. I live in LA currently by myself. Yeah by myself. Meaning I don't have a boyfriend or husband. Yeah I'm 21, and I'm not married, and I don't have a boyfriend. Don't even get me started about that. My parents are always bugging the shit out of me about it. 

That's what happens when you’re their first born. Compared to my sister and brother they never get stressed as much as I do. That's exactly why I moved away from them. I was tired of having to raise my standards for my parents just to please them. I use to live in New York when I was kid. Then as soon as high school finished I moved to LA to get away from my family. 

I feel freer, and I don't have to worry about my parents breathing down my neck to do better. They always tell me why can't you be more like your sister. Yet she’s younger than me by a year. Makes total sense coming from my parents. My sister was top of her class. I however was close to being top of my class if it wasn't for nerds. No offense to them. 

My sister did acting, and sooner or later became an actress. Men drool over her. She's got the perfect body. She's able to fit in probably a size 0 or 1 in jeans. I can barely fit my leg into that! She has the perfect boobs that would make any man go Ga-Ga over. She's also got long legs, but for once I inherited that trait too. 

I hated being related to her. The worst part is that whenever I did manage to find a guy who I thought was "decent", she would seduce them with her charm. This eventually led to an argument, and me moving. It's funny because most people don't realize I’m her sister till they hear my last name. 

Me on the other hand, I could say I look nothing like my sister. I however did not inherit the perfect boobs. I probably fit like a B cup at tops. My sister could probably fit like a C cup or higher. I didn't really care about that as much because there actually a pain in the butt. My body was nothing close to my sisters. I wasn't fat, but I wasn't skinny as fuck. I was in the middle. I could probably fit like a 6 or 7 in a pair of jeans. Clearly that isn't good enough for men. 

My legs however are endless, or so they seem. Me and my sister are about 5'7 and 1/2. I feel like I'm 5'8, but apparently I'm not. The only down side about being tall for me is I have big ass feet. I wear like a size 10!! I might as well be Bigfoot for heaven’s sake. The struggle to find shoes though. 

Ohh! I don't want to forget my brother. He's probably like the only one I can manage with in my family. Besides the fact he likes to annoy me from time to time. I don't see him much because of his job. He happens to playing the big leagues in baseball. MLB they call it. He plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I try to make it to see his games from time to time, but since my job requires I travel it's kind of hard to keep up with him. 

Another reason for my parents to be proud of. Then there's me. The athletic trainer for the USC football team. I love my job more than anything else. That's why I do it. I'm hoping to get recommend to the big leagues; like the NFL. That's my dream. Apparently that's not good enough for my parents. Go figure. 

Well anyways it's that time of the year where everyone is supposedly jolly, and travelling the world. I had literally wormed my way through the massive crowd of people to get to the luggage claim area. People are so pushy and rude at airports. The worst part is I had to retrieve two massive bags by myself. They probably weighed more than me!

After finally retrieving all my luggage, I had to wander on over to the other luggage claim area for pets or other things. Yes I brought my dog with me. There is nothing wrong with that! I couldn’t stand to leave my dog, Abby, in LA by herself! I love her to death. I had to get this dog carrier for her, and she’s a big dog. She’s a mix between a golden retriever and a lab. Yeah she’s pretty freaking cute.

Anyways I asked the lady politely if my dog carrier had made it out of the plane already. She was able to check it right away since we both have the same ticket. Well hers is on the side of the carrier. I felt a little embarrassed of myself because I had so much luggage to carry and there’s only one of me.

Times like this when I wish I had my own personal butler. Hmmm… That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Might just give that a shot one of these days. Anyways I had no clue how I was going to carry all this shit out by myself. I had two big suitcases of my stuff, then my dog’s carrier.

I had to ask the women behind the desk if I could get some help with all my luggage. She gladly obliged to get help for me. I greatly appreciated her kindness. Most of the people here are always cranky and rude. Like come on people.

She sent out two men to help me with my stuff. One man was carrying one of my suitcases, while the other man was rolling the dog carrier by its wheels to the front of the airport. I usually don’t have to worry about finding a taxi in NYC because most taxi driver’s stake out here to earn some money. Luckily there was a taxi sitting right out front waiting for a customer to take them to their destination.

The two men helped place the luggage into the taxi. I thanked them for helping me. And may I say this but the two men that helped me were mighty fine. I even think one of them winked at me and gave me one of those wonderful smiles displaying his pearly whites. It was to die for. I would totally tap that.

What? Just because I’m not in the mood to date men right now doesn’t mean I don’t want a simple fuck. I’m not trying to sound like whore or something. But I have kind of given up on commitment right now. Men are nothing but sleazebags. They don’t care for anything anymore. They are heartless.

You could say I’m a pretty broken woman. Men pretend to care for you and say all these heartfelt things to you, only to turn around and double cross you behind your back. They could give two shits about it. They leave you broken, and they don’t even care. It’s happen to me about three times. Yeah you think after the first or second time I would catch on, but nope not this dumbass. I kept thinking men were going to change only to find out they don’t. Typical.

“Ma’am where to?” The taxi driver said in his classical New Yorker accent. I had to stop my little rant in my head to think of the destination.

“Ohh. Umm can you take me to 82 Horatio Street?” I asked the gentlemen.

“Sure thing ma’am.” He said. He started the engine and then started the ticker to track the amount of money I would be paying for this whole route.

“Thanks” I said politely back.

I didn’t really have to worry about having to book a place to stay in NYC because I had this apartment type house that I paid for just in case I wanted to visit. Pretty much like a vacation home. I don’t stay here very often as you already know. I really didn’t want to be in the same house, let along the same place with my family. So I bought this little small place for myself.

The good thing is I get to stay in NYC for about a month. It’s like my little vacation for myself. Except it’s probably not my ideal place for going on vacation but it’s better than nothing. I like the winter here. My favorite part is when it finally does snow. I love it! The best part in NYC that I love coming for is, when it’s New Years Eve. That’s when the ball drops. Another one of my favorites.

It kind of sucks though because I don’t have my best buddy here by my side. That one friend where you can share anything with them. Like my good friend Abigail. She’s like a sister to me. I really wanted her to come but she couldn't come with me. Besides I would've had her help me with all my shit.

She was so pissed when I finally told her I’d be gone for a whole month during the Christmas holidays. Well she said more along the lines of “Boo you whore! How could you leave me all by myself for a whole month?!” Yeah typical Abigail. I knew if I stayed there for the whole month she probably try to force me to go to some club or party.

She’s one of those girls that knows how to get herself out there. Unlike me. Even though I don’t want to go at all she still manages to get me to go. She’s like a fucking genius! I’m not a big fan of clubs or parties because first of all I don’t like dancing, and second of all I don’t like alcohol. I know it’s weird. A girl like me living in LA and doesn't like to go to clubs or parties.

Yeah well in case you didn't know this I’m very self- conscience when it comes to things like that. I don’t know why. I’m very blunt about what I say but when it comes to parties and clubs I crawl up into a turtle shell and hide myself. Not the best way to live your life. That’s why Abigail has been trying to change that for me. Ha-ha.

“Ma’am we're here.” The taxi driver says distracting me of my thoughts.

“Oh thank you.” I said to him.

“No problem. That’d be $30 ma’am.” He said to me. Damn I should have just walked here. I mean I know I live quite a distant away but that’s expensive. I pull out my wallet and pull out three ten dollar bills and hand them over to the gentleman. Shit how am I going to carry all my stuff.

“Do you need any help with your luggage ma’am?” He asked as if he read my mind.

“Yes sir, it’d be greatly appreciated.” I said to him. The gentleman got out of the taxi and walked around opening up the back to retrieve my luggage. I grabbed my suitcases and walked up the steps. I pulled out my house key and opened the door quickly grabbing my suitcases and walk in with them too.

I went back to help the man carry in my dog carrier. It took a little back work but we got in. I thanked the man for helping me with my luggage. Soon after he left. Most taxi drivers aren't as kind as him. Well then again he was older. I feel like older people are so much nicer. Well sometimes.

Abby continues to whine. She was like that the whole ride here. She probably had to pee so bad. I mean we were on a 6 hour flight. I released her from that silly dog carrier letting her run around freely. I quickly went to the sliding glass door and opened the door to the backyard to let her do her business.

I see the messaging system say I have one missed call and new voice mail  Already? I walk over to it and play back the voice mail.

“Hey little whore. You should really refer to answering your cell phone and not leave your best friend hanging. I know that it doesn't take 8 or more hours to get to fucking New York. So call me back bitch. Okay love yah talk to yah later!”

Ahh how did I not see that coming. Oh Abigail you crack me up. I had totally forgotten to take my phone off airplane mode. Silly me. Well I think Abigail can wait on that call because my bath is calling me. Oh how I love a good bath after a long flight. There so relaxing.



Shit! I forgot to let my dog back in. She’s probably freezing out there. I pull open the door quickly letting my dog walk in giving me the doggy death glare.

“Sorry baby I forgot about you.” I said looking down at her hoping my dog would accept my apology. She gives me the lick of an approval.

Yeah I talk to my dog. What about it? Doesn't everyone talk to their dog? There ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Where was I again? Ahh yes bath time! I inhale the heavenly scent of my wonderful place. Still smells like classical candles. I’m going to enjoy this.

















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