Things that i hate.

Basically this is just a huge summary of all the things in life that I hate, that annoy me, or just stupid things so called humans do.


3. Chavs.

The title says it all really their are hundreds of things that I everyone hates about chavs. If you are a chav reading this rather go and buy a pair of jeans or at least stop wearing those horrible track suites that have been passed down through the generations.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this and thinking 'what the fuck is a chav' then you are way to posh to be reading this you obviously live on the nice side of town and are most likely stuck up. You can join the chavs and fuck yourself.

Chavs are the people who hang around street corners at night the type of people who make you go the log way home just so you don't have to walk past them because they could turn at any minute and mug or stab you. Or their most famous threat 'I'll get my brother on you'.

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