Things that i hate.

Basically this is just a huge summary of all the things in life that I hate, that annoy me, or just stupid things so called humans do.


2. bus drivers.

I have never hated a group of people so much in my entire life. Every bus driver is a cock. I think they have to put that on their cv to even apply.

Oh hey Mr fucking bus driving cunt, how about you just watch me run all the way to the bus stop because I'm late for work or college, just to close the doors and drive off as soon as I get to them you fat cunt.

I'm 5p short for the bus no you can't let me off five fucking p can you that's way to much with the rise in petrol prices five p is going to make a huge fucking difference to your job you stuck up cunt.

Oh you see that it's raining and I'm soaked no you can't open the doors until you've read half of your newspaper can you? No not until every part of me is dripping wet.

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