Things that i hate.

Basically this is just a huge summary of all the things in life that I hate, that annoy me, or just stupid things so called humans do.


1. You.

Don't take it to personally it's just nine out of ten people need a good double punch to the nuts... Or ovaries whichever. You're rather to quiet to loud attention seeking or have a weird as fuck laugh.

I'm not being headed don't get me wrong I hardly like myself but that's for different reasons than why I don't like you. I'm a cunt and I know it I don't try and act any other way go cover that up other people on the other hand feel the need to put on a fake personality to get people to like them if that isn't you then, hey well done.

If u stil tlk lik dis, then you need to go sit in a quiet room and re read through a dictionary until your eyes start to bleed.

If you are in your teens have kids and sit around the house doing drugs all day you are not only an unfit parent but also an unfit human being so well fucking done to you. No I do not have twenty fucking pence for your bus ride home you cock.

A scruffy man asked me for 70p once I was in a good mood so I gave it him. He then turned around an asked if he gave me 70p would I be able to give him a quid... What the fuck is wrong with that fucking retard it was my seventy pee in the first place. Fuck me.

Obviously if you are like him and regally ask people for money like that you have mine and society's permission to jump off a very talk building.

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