Sams a very insecure and unhappy girl. She's adopted by Simon Cowell after her parents were killed in a car accident. She and Harry immediately become very close friends an over time they grow feeling for eachother but hide it. It kills Sam not to tell him and she starts to hurt herself as she used to. Harry finds out that she's hurting herself and tries to help but, she pushed him away.


1. One

Sams POV 


Lights flashing like…a horror movie. The kind that gives you nightmares. Like a strobe light but scary and…everything stops. A women took my arm and forced me into a car, as I tried to make sense of what had just happened. We were driving home and I had my headphones in, music blasted. Then we were spinning. Then…I heard a crash. I don't know what happened and I'm still not sure but, my parents are dead and. Now I'm living with some British guy. His name's…um…Simon Cowell. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to call him. Right now we barely talk. It's quiet for me. I have to go to his studio with him tomorrow. I don't want to but, I have to. He got me a guitar. It's red on the outline and slowly fades into pink. It's neck is covered in beautiful beads that are in a pretty pattern. It's really nice. I've written a lot of music and I've started to sing with it. "Sam!" Simon interrupted my deep thoughts. I set down my iPod and walked downstairs. I saw One Direction in the living room. The curly haired one, Harry, stopped and stared at me. He smiled faintly and looked deep into my eyes. My cheeks hurt they were burning so much. He examined my body, stopping at where my wrists were set to the sides of my body. His faint smile faded away and he got up. He walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "tilt your head up Princess, your tiara's falling…" He placed a soft kiss on my cheek and took my hand. He looked into my teary eyes as a few sad tears fell down my cheeks. "What's wrong sweetheart?" He asked with a faint worry in his eyes. I hugged him in tears. He hugged me back warmly. I knew he was a good person to talk to. "Sam dear, they're going to stay with us for the summer. I figured you could use some people to help give you a laugh." Simon interrupted the comforting hug. Harry pulled away from the hug and used his shirt to dry my tears. I walked over and met the rest of them although, Harry and I had the most in common. I knew we'd be great friends. "Sam is it ok if you and Harry share your room considering there's an extra bed in there?" I smiled and nodded. Simon looked confused. "What?" "I haven't seen you smile yet. Very pretty sweetheart." "Thanks." "Why don't you show Harry to your room." I nodded and looked at Harry. He grabbed his bag and followed me up to my room. "Why were you crying love?" Love? Oh right. He's British. They say love. "My parents were killed in a car accident and I was the only one who survived it. It was two months ago. Simon was in New York at the time and saw it in the news. He adopted me as soon as he got ahold of me. It's just that…" "You miss them?" I nodded. He set is bag next to the extra bed and walked over to me. "Come here lovely." I hugged him in tears once again. He hugged me back tight, but warmly. We stayed in our room and talked all night. He was able to make me laugh which hasn't happened in a while. We fell asleep around 11:00 am and then I woke up an hour later. I looked over at Harry who was sound asleep. I chuckled and got up. I grabbed a ruffled pink top, a black skater skirt with suspenders, and some black converse and put them on in my bathroom. I walked out and Harry wasn't there. I then felt two hands rest on my waist and jumped, a squeal escaping from my mouth. I heard a deep laugh and knew it was Harry. "Harry!" I glared at him. All he did was stare into my eyes with a cheeky grin curved on his lips. He stepped closer and put his hands on my wrists gently, then placing them around his neck. He then put his hands on my waist and leaned his forehead against mine. "Did I scare you?" "No I screamed and fell on my butt for fun!" I glared at him. He didn't drop that cheeky grin at all. It just grew. He's so weird yet, attractive, like the rest of them. Something was different about this boy and…I wasn't very fond of it. I like him. Do I? I can't! But he's so sweet to me. I can't do this. Maybe I can. "Excuse me." I ran out of our room and outside. I found Zayn out smoking. He dropped it when I ran out. I must have scared him. "Sorry did I scare you?" "Yes but that's ok love…are you ok?" I was shaking a bit. "I think I like Harry." "Every girl does sweetheart." "Exactly. What do I do?" "Well tell Harry…" "Tell me what?" Harry walked out in a new pair of clothes. "Why'd you run out? And tell me what?" "Nothing and nothing bye!" I ran inside and down to my secret room. It was a small room. It had a colorful beanbag with my diary and a box of pens in it, along with my guitar, sheet music, and a TV with movies in a small box next to it. I heard a knock on the door and the doorknob jiggle. "Sam lovely you there?" "Uh…yeah." "Can I come in sweet?" "Um…yeah. Hold on." I got up out of my beanbag and went over to the door. I unlocked it and let him in. I then closed the door and locked it again. "Sorry I don't usually let other people in here. It's where I write my music and write in my diary." He nodded. "What'd I do wrong Sam?" He asked a little choked up. "Nothing at all Harry don't cry please…" "I'm sorry I just really like you and I feel like I hurt you." He sat in my beanbag. I glared in my mind but whatevered it on the outside. "That's the main reason Harry. I like you too." His face lit up. "You do?" He got up and walked over to me. I got a little shakey. "Then why'd you run away from me?" "I'm scared of getting hurt. I'm already in so much pain." "You won't. I promise." 

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