The baby siter and the house of dies drear


4. the house

Now we were in a completely dark hallway. All we had was a flash my baby sister just happened to have. Then we came out of a cave. When we hot out the first thing that hits us was a HUGE, old, erry, gothic, spoken, haunted looking house. When we got to the front door and rang the door bell a trap door opened under us! We fell about maybe 3 or so feet. We started walking again. As we did so it started to slowly and at a very small slope, slope down. When it flattened out again I would say we were maybe around 5.9 feet down . As we were walking along we noticed that there were benches lining both sides of the hallways. We started smacking the walls so we could get out, cause the flash light my baby sister just happens to have died. We instintly knew what the other was thinking, " a stop on the under ground railroad ". Then we saw something that confirmed are suspicion.

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