Why Me?

Boys, makeup, and school are of the least of Victoria's worries. She constantly is followed by strangers trying to communicate to to their loved ones. How much will be to much for her to handle until she gets pushed over the edge? She may just end up on the other side with them...
Cover made by @Lily Anna Nightshade


1. The Begining

Alone. That is how I liked to be. But I never was. They always followed me; even if I didn’t want them there.  Stepping up and speaking; words in my head. I try to communicate to them, but it is so hard. I am only thirteen, why me? That is the question I always ask. Why me? Why do they speak to me? Why do they follow me? Who are they, you ask? They are spirits.

I remember when I was about four, I would lie in bed at night and I speak to my late grandmother. Me being four, I thought this was completely normal. Later in life would I realize it was the complete opposite.  The spirits don't usually bother me as much as they have been lately. There is this one boy; Steven, that has been around for two days now. He yells and tells me to find his mother. I don't know how to find his mother, he won't leave me alone, and I am at my breaking point. Sometimes I wish that I did not exist then I would not have to go through this. I am thirteen; I should be able to worry about how my hair looks or if the cute guy on the football team is going to notice me. Not worrying about how I can fnd a dead kids mom, or if a spirit will actually drive me crazy enough to the point where people think I really am insane. 

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