Kylee is 17 and works at the local amusement park as her summer job. One day One Direction come and ride her ride, Louis comes up and starts asking stupid questions about the ride and the other four lads are standing behind them, laughing. Kylee replies by sassing him back and the boys start to laugh at louis.


3. My Flat


Kylee's POV:



"We took two cars, so who do you want to ride with?" Louis asked me.

I looked at them and every one of them was either mouthing the words 'with me' or pointing to themselves or smiling. "I don't care you guys can decide." I replied

"I call dibs!" Louis said

"Looks like I'll be riding with Louis, who else?" I asked.

"I will!" Harry spoke up. I rolled my eyes and got in the car. 

Harry was driving. "Where to love?" He asked. 

"Take the third left, then the second right, and my flat is the second one on the left." I said

The car ride was only about two minutes long. I was happy to get out of the car, they parked next to my car and we got out. I walked up to my door and unlocked it. They all followed me in.

"Okay, i'm gonna go upstairs and change, feel free to make yourself at home. The remotes on the counter and your welcome to any thing in the kitchen." As soon as I said the part about the kitchen I could see Niall's eyes light up.

I walked up to my room to get changed, I decided to wear a pair of high wasted denim shorts that were naturally ripped and a tucked in t-shirt with my hair down and wavy. I loved this out fit because I wasn't stick thin and it made my curves look good.



Louis's POV:


I heard Kylee walking down the stairs so I turned away from the lads and looked at her. I think my jaw dropped a little when I saw her, she was so gorgeous. I quickly got up and asked every one what they wanted to do. 

"Umm, what about laser tag?" Kylee asked.

"Sounds great!" I replied.

We all left her house and got back into our cars. It was a quiet ride to the laser tag place.

Once every one was in the building we had to decide the teams.

"So Kylee, are you any good at laser tag?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? I'm like the best." She replied.

"I don't know Im pretty good too, I guess we'll just have to see who's the best."  I joked.

"Okay, fine, Louis's team against mine. Who wants to be on my team?" She said.

They all raised there hands. "Liam and Niall." She said.

"Crap!" I said.

"What?" she said with a smile. I just smiled my sarcastic smile and we went into the room where they tell you the rules.



Authors Note:

Thanks for reading what I've written so far! Remember any suggestions are welcome. 


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