Kylee is 17 and works at the local amusement park as her summer job. One day One Direction come and ride her ride, Louis comes up and starts asking stupid questions about the ride and the other four lads are standing behind them, laughing. Kylee replies by sassing him back and the boys start to laugh at louis.


4. Laser Tag


Kylee's POV:


We walked into the instruction room. It seemed like forever until the dude was finally finished stating all of the rules. Once he was finished we all walked into another room with the laser tag vests. Somehow Louis had managed to get the people who work here let us have a session with just us. There weren't a lot of other people here anyway because it was 11 am on a thursday so I guess it wasn't a big deal. Me, Liam, and Niall put on the green vests and Louis, Zayn, and Harry put on the red ones. Some one was talking over the loud speaker but it was blurred so you couldn't hear it, then a loud buzzer went off and we all ran inside. We had thirty seconds to orient ourselves before our vests turned on. Every one went in separate directions and the second buzzer went off, soon my vest lit up.


I was hiding in a little corner where I had a clear shot of their home base and the rest of the room. I started shooting at there home base over and over again, then I saw Louis run by to see what was happening and I shot him on the shoulder. His face was priceless as he stood there looking around to try to find who shot him. I shot the home base a few more times, then saw Harry coming around a corner in the mirror so I shot at the mirror and hit him in the chest. I quickly got up and ran to a different hiding place around the room. After a few more minutes the last buzzer went off and the lights came back on, I got up from my hiding spot and walked out the door. 


Once we all had our vests off and were in the lobby area Louis came up to me. "Hey, do you wanna go get everyones scores from the front with me?" He asked

"Sure." I replied and we walked up to the front counter.

"Here you go." The guy at the counter said and handed us our score cards. We walked back to the rest of the lads and handed them out.

"Ha, I got 1900, beat that!" Louis practically screamed in my ear.

"I got 1500." Liam said.

"Me too!" Niall said.

"Me and Harry only got 1100." Zayn said in a sad tone.

I just quietly laughed to myself. "Well, what did you get?" Louis asked.

"I don't want to brag but I got 2600." I replied.

"There is no way you got that much." Louis said in disbelieve.

"Yeah I did, see." I said handing him my paper. He just looked down for a moment and then back up to me.


Louis's POV:


I couldn't believe she beat me, I mean I was the best out of all the lads. Plus I'm Louis. 

"Well, i'm hungry." Niall said.

"Me too." Kylee replied.

"Where do you guys want to go?" I asked.

"Nandos!" Niall replied.

"Okay, lets go then." I said and we all walked outside.

"Can Kylee ride with us this time?" Liam asked.

"Uh I guess if she wants to." I replied.

"Sure." I heard her reply. Crap, I wanted her to ride with me. Me and Harry got in Harry's car and Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Kylee got in the other one.


Authors Note:

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading. Please let me know how I am doing. Sorry for the short chapters, I have been quit busy with school and haven't had all that much time to update or write.


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