Emmett's Little Sister

Emmett had a little sister when he was human. He goes into the woods one day while him and Bella were playing outside. What happens to Emmett and Bella when he never comes home? Her mom dies and she is alone. Will she see Emmett again? Find love? Make friends with wolfs? Get new powers? FIND OUT! Read. Twilight Fan Fic.


6. Vampires Mind

Bella's Pov:

(1992) Chapter 6

So that's how I lived my life all these years.I traveled to every country and city's in the world except Rome and the United States. I met vampire coven's that I easily made friends with , but they always had question's about the color of my far I met the the Amazon coven, Egyptian coven, and the Irish , wonder which place should I go first United States, or Rome and start in Volterra Italy.I stopped running and reached into my pocket for a coin. I found it and said "heads for United States or tales for Italy." I flipped the coin and it landed on tales and that meant Italy."Volterra here I come" I whispered to my self.

I had been running for 48 hours and finally made it to Volterra. It was very beautiful, flowers and trees every were.I ran into the streets and used one of my powers,which was invisibility.I saw a group of humans that looked like they were on a tour so I followed leader of the tours was a beautiful pale woman and she wore and a red and white dress.I noticed she was wearing sunglasses but there was no sun today. That's when I smelled her,she was a vampire but why was she leading humans woman looked around, I guess she smelt me but couldn't see me. I decided to follow her and the group to see what she was up to. "OK now we're heading to the ancient tower" the woman said as she lead us to a what looked like a very old was "oohhhhs" and "ahhhhhs" coming out of the groups woman lead us in and walked us down the old hallway to a gigantic door."I hope you liked your tour because this is where it stops." she said as she opened the humans were pushed into the room that looked like a throne room while I just silently walked in with was three vampires seating on the throne chairs but the soon got big door was slammed shut and locked.I can tell the humans were getting scared and some even tried to bang on the man in the middle that looked very familiar sprinted up to one of the female humans and bit this point the humans were screaming but the other vampires that were in robs easily snapped there necks to stop them from causing a commotion.

While the vampires drank I walked over to one of the walls and leaned against it waiting for them to be they were done they cleaned up the blood and the three men sat back on there thrones."Well that was interesting" I said and walked in the middle of the room still the vampires in the room jumped and looked around as they smelt the air. "Oops forgot about that" I said as I turned off my invisibility and looked up. The man In the middle stood up and said "who do we have here." When I looked in his eyes he gasped,probably because of my blue eye's. "Child your eyes are...blue, how is that." "Well to answer your first question I'm Isabella swan." I said using my cover name."I don't really know why my eyes are blue its probably because of my powers." The man clapped his hands with excitement. I finally remembered who the man was the Irish coven told me about who these people were.I was brought out of my thoughts, when Aro said "You say powers as in more than one?"My dear please tell us what your powers are." I remembered when the Irish coven told me how power crazy Aro is."Maybe I shouldn't." I said as I started backing up. I backed up some more and I backed up into Felix and he put a hand on my should to keep me from leaving. "Well I disagree my dear you must stay,until we know everything about you." Aro said as he smiled at me.

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