Emmett's Little Sister

Emmett had a little sister when he was human. He goes into the woods one day while him and Bella were playing outside. What happens to Emmett and Bella when he never comes home? Her mom dies and she is alone. Will she see Emmett again? Find love? Make friends with wolfs? Get new powers? FIND OUT! Read. Twilight Fan Fic.


12. Pity

"Ok well I'll tell you my story but please dont pity me,I hate pity." Every one seemed to understand and they nodded."When I was human me and Emmett's father died in war and Emmett and our mom had to take care of thing was just fine and it lasted until everything went were on the porch when we heard something come from the went to go check what it was and I went inside to go tell waited for him to come back but he never did." I paused and emmett hugged me to his side."A year had pasted and mom got sick with cancer and that left me the job to cook and clean when I was seven.I turned ten when she died and I lived in the house that I was kind of broken cause everyone I cared about had died or that's what I thought." I sad looking at Emmett "I went to school,and soon got a job when I was fifteen.I never talked or made any friends with any one.I was so scared that I thought If I made friends they might die years later it was my seventeenth birthday and I wanted to spend my time in the day in the woods.I was attacked by a vampire and was changed." I got a little mad when I remembered my creator."I woke up to find a freaking note that told me about what I had become! The note said that I had to drink human blood but there was another that day I have been hunting animal's and I still am.I traveled around the world and made friends with other to long ago I traveled to Italy." There were a few gasps and the hot guy callied edward leaned in to hear what I was going to say."I met the voltori,had a short discussion with them and left. After that I wanted to settle some were so I picked forks and here I am." After I finshed my story I looked up and every one had shocked faces on.I realized that my eyes had brittened up because I am happy. "How do you have blue eyes," Jasper asked? "I think the reason why my eyes are that way is because of my many powers." "Fasanting, how many powers do you have if you dont mind me asking," Carlisle asked? "I have about 5 powers witch is invisablity, I can change the weather,I can stop time,I'm a mental shelid and a physical sheild, and the one I just got today is I am a sole searcher. "Wow that awesome bells can you make me invisbly bells!"Emmett said slightly jumping up and down.I giggled and nodded.I placed my hand on Emmett's shoulder and we both disappeared."Cool"he said. I turned us visable again and eyes drifted to the clock on the wall."Shot I got to go,I have a lot of shopping to do." I said jumping up and one stared at me and the boys said together not another shopaholic!" Hey whats wrong with shopping." Me and alice said at the same looked at each other and we both squealed "shopping buddies!"

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