Emmett's Little Sister

Emmett had a little sister when he was human. He goes into the woods one day while him and Bella were playing outside. What happens to Emmett and Bella when he never comes home? Her mom dies and she is alone. Will she see Emmett again? Find love? Make friends with wolfs? Get new powers? FIND OUT! Read. Twilight Fan Fic.


13. New Wolf Power

"Finally some one that loves shopping,"said Alice as she jump up and should go shopping now,but I'll be right lifted an I brow as to ask"were you going"."I'm just getting my...car". I really didn't want Emmett to find out about my motorcycle so I decided to take my car.I ran out the door before he could respond and ran all the way to my house.I got my keys for my jet black car,and took some sunglasses.I ran to my garage and hoped into the car and put the sunglasses on.I was driving down the road to the Cullen house when five tan shirtless boys jumped out of the woods and ran in front of my car. "Ohmygod"I said as I slammed on the thought It was there fault I couldn't stop my self from feeling bad."Ohmygod are you ok I so sorry I almost hit you"I said as I got out my car and went tot them.I checked for any injuries with my eyes while they just looked at each other in surprise.

Maybe there getting creeped out because I'm making sure there OK. "Stop being weird Bella"I thought to my self. I took my glasses of and looked into there eye's."What the heck how do you have blue eyes" One of the guys said In shock. Wait what why he ask about my eyes don't humans have blue eyes.I took a breath before I answered and that's when I recognize the wold that explains why he asked about my vampires only have red eye's or gold eyes so I see why there shocked."Oh that explains every thing I didn't know you were wolfs intill I breathed." They looked at each other again then started coming closer probable thinking I'm a threat.I held my hands up for a sigh of peace."Umm can we talk about this when were not in the middle of the man in the middle probley the leader nodded.I smiled"Thank you".I slid back in the seat and drove till I say a path in the woods big enough for my car to fit through I parked in the woods and got out.

Know that we were at the right place I was ready to answer any question they threw at me.I needed to know there names so I searched in there soul and found what they were called."Who are you" Sam asked."Oh were are my manners Hi my name Is Isabella Marie McCartney"I said as I smiled up at the towered over me a little because I'm about five-six."Oh and to answers your question about my eyes I don't really know why there that color but my guess is that I'ts because of my powers.I'll show you my powers if you like." Jacob lifted and eye brow and asked"Why do you trust use so much." I had to think about that for a would I trust them when they should be the enemy.I have no idea but It's like they are trustable,I don't know."I don't know but It feels as thought can trust you guys I don't know."

Then suddenly out of know were I fell to the grown and when I got up I felt taller and I had four ,

FOUR LEGS! I looked down and I has four white paws and a white cool another power.I can shape shift into any animal I want.I looked up and saw the five guys were staring at me with shock.I sat down and stuck out my is kind of fun but I guess it's time to turn other good thing about turning is that when I turn back I'm still dressed.I turn back from wolf to vampire and look up to see them still they finally got of the shock Sam asked in awe "How did you do that." I giggled and said "I guess I just earned a new power,you see I have six powers now. One invisibility, Two I can change weather,Three I can stop time,Four mental and physical shield,five soul searcher,and six shape shifter."

Me and the packed talked for a while and we made good even gave me permission to go on there land when I talked for about an hour but I told them I had to get to the Cullen house.I got in the car and they waved as I pulled out and drived away.

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