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  • Published: 11 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 11 Nov 2013
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This is for the Movellas gets Political competition :) I know I said I'm mainly a poetry account but hey, I'm pretty headstrong when it comes to politics, and seeing as I didn't want to bring my political leaning into my writing on here (too much controversy) I chose a topic that I am equally as passionate about - the way other people regard 'equal rights for women'.


1. Equal passion

I am a girl.


I fight for women’s rights – in such a way that we are not above, but equal to men.


So why, when the video of a young girl provoking a man, who then retaliated by hitting her (after she kicked him several times) was there outrage from the ‘feminists’ among us, saying it’s disgusting how men treat women?


How can we truly fight for equality when there is such a difference in how people expect men to treat other men, and men to treat women? Why is it acceptable for a woman to kick a man, but when he turns to defend himself, people are irate, posting anti-male, and quite frankly anti-equality comments in the bucket load?


I, for one, believe that equality should mean true equality – without sounding like an unrealistic dreamer – and as a twenty first century modern generation we need to cast off the shackles of the sexist domination in the majority of industries by men, and change the path of unrealistic female-superiority that some people believe we are heading towards, and find a world where everyone is on par with their counterpart – whether that be male, female, black, white, anything.


This may seem optimistic and naïve, but in reality it is a totally feasible plan; by simply changing the way that teachers teach lessons, without separating boys and girls, lessons should be given in how the other should be treated; as equals – these lessons especially important during those teenage years when casual slander of the opposite sex appears rife in most education establishments.  Casual sexism should be treated just as racism would be – with disgust and contempt from communities globally.


So please, people: I beg of you. As the new generation, as the most tolerant generation, and as the generation of reforms, I call to you to turn a new leaf – if we are the generation who can bring about same sex marriage, something that five years ago would have been a completely unrealistic notion, surely we can bring ourselves to change our attitudes slightly, and realise that if we want women to have equal rights, equal jobs and equal opportunities, we’re going to have to open our eyes to the fact that we will also have to become equal socially – and for that, it’s our ATTITUDES that we need to change.


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