Story of my life (A Harry Styles Little Sister fan-fiction)

Have you heard the name Sara Styles? No? Most people haven't, not yet at least. You see Sara is Harry Styles little sister. Sara is obese, she's short and chunky, since the beginning of last tour she hasn't talked. She cuts herself because of all the pain. Her brothers best friend is he biggest bully, one day she finally thinks about ending it, she has one friend who lives in the States, she's never met her, but trusts her fully.


1. Prolouge

Story of my Life (A Harry Styles Little Sister fan fiction)


I wasn't meant to be here. I’m fat I'm ugly I don't belong here. I'm Harry Styles infamous sister. That's right I said Harry Styles. The reason I'm never in the picture for management, I'm obese. I'm not skinny, I'm overweight. I've always been an outcast even after when my brother got famous. I get beat up, called names, and sometimes I find myself in the nurses office for blacking out from the beatings. I love my brother and he doesn't know about this. In fact the main bully is one of my brothers best friends. I've never told him because I know he wouldn't believe me. Nobody ever does. I've come to the point where I don't even talk anymore. I sit in the back of the room and I do my work. I sometimes silently cry and not even the teachers do anything they just make it worse. Home isn't any better. My mom is hard in me. Gemma has friends she doesn't really all that care for me. Why don't I end it all right when I get home? 45 minutes until school is over.

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