Brother's Best Friend

What will happen when Louis Tomlinson's sister and one direction visit California for the whole summer?


4. longest plane ride ever!

Sofie POV *on the plane"

31A that's my seat right in the back! Well at least I get a window seat ah there it is I sit down and put my bag under the seat in front of me took out my iPod and hit shuffle Mariana's Trench the B team came on

the next thing I know someone's hitting the top of my head I pull out my ear buds and turn around to see Louis has the set behind me .....oh joy "what's your problem" I ask "well your boring Niall to death so I thought I would somewhat entertain him" he says back I turn to see Niall sitting beside me "hey" he said (their convo)

S- oh hello sorry I didn't see you there

N- it's fine

S- so wanna play 20 questions since like I just met you today and I'm gonna be living with you for the next 3 months

N- sure but I'm going first

S- Ok then ask away

N- question 1 who's your favourite singer?

S- oh that ones hard probably either hedley or Mariana's trench

N- who's that?

S-What you don't know hedley or Mariana's trench????? I'm not talking to you anymore

N- what no please talk to me I don't wanna be alone

S- I was just kidding here

I handed him one of my earbuds and played celebrity status by Mariana's trench "wow their good" Niall says "I know I wouldn't like them if they weren't good" I say "haha true"

Niall's POV

Sofie and I have been talking and listening to music for hours god were gonna have to take another 15 hour plane ride to get back

any way Sofie just fell asleep on my shoulder so I put my arm around her so it's not as uncomfortable for her ... And because I want to

"psst Niall" I hear from behind me I turn to see Louis looking at me (their convo)

N- what!

L- what are you doing that's my sister

N- she fell asleep what am I supposed to do wake her up?

L- ....... Fine this one time but if you try anything I swear I will kill you

N-ok ok

I turn around and start watching a movie god he can be scary soon enough I fell asleep to

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