Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


16. Finally Gone

  We talked for a good hour. The boys never showed up to take me away, so I knew Daniel had done a good job, and for that I'm thankful. Finally, I'm free. We shared secret, but I didn't tell her my biggest one until we were back at the hotel later that night. It was around midnight, and she was listening to me silently while silent tears slipped from her eyes. After that, we basically hugged it out, then grabbed two spoons and a carton of ice-cream and watched Pitch Perfect. 
  Now, I sit with my head leaning against the cool window of the car that Emma is currently driving from the right side of, which is quite the change for me, as I'm used to being the passenger on that side.  We hum along to the array of songs that play on the radio, and eventually fall asleep. It's dreamless, but peaceful. 
  I'm shaken awake quite far from gently, my eyes flashing open to meet Emma's amused ones. We're stopped now, in front of a home that's unfamiliar to me. To my surprise, it appears that the sun is just beginning to rise; the only problem is we left the hotel around nine o'clock in the morning, with the sun fully out.
  "How long was I out?" I ponder aloud, glancing questioningly at Emma, who shrugs and replies with ease.
  "You slept all day and night. At first I thought something was seriously wrong with you, but then you started snoring; not too loud, but still noticeable. So to block it out, I turned the music up, but you still didn't wake up, so I just figured you were extremely tired," she says with a laugh, causing heat to rise to my cheeks in embarrassment.
  I don't normally snore; it usually happens when I get more than twelve hours of sleep at one time. I don't know why it happens, it just does. It's still embarrassing though, and I can't do anything to fix it, except control how much sleep I get at a time, which I guess I didn't do so well of this time.
  "Sorry, that happens sometimes. What time is it now?" I ask instead, changing the subject.
  "It's about five in the morning," she says, and I realize it's the next day.
  "Jeez, how did you manage such a long drive?" I mutter wondrously, stretching and undoing the seat belt confining me to the seat. 
  "I have to give the credit for that to red bull and coffee. They taste weird together, but I'm still bouncing with energy, so I'm not complaining," she smiles, showing me her perfectly white and straight teeth.
  Like me, she must've had braces when she was younger. Luckily, I have mine off before year six, so middle school was a breeze, at least with the whole teeth thing. Emma's skin is also quite fair; blemish-free and soft looking: perfect. That's another similarity between us, as I've always had model-like skin, at least according to Ellie.
  We get out of the car, and I help her gather the few bags she had from her stay at the hotel. Currently, I'm wearing a borrowed pair of clothes from Emma, as I obviously had nothing else. She said tomorrow we'd go shopping, though I sort of don't want to because I have nothing to pay for it with besides her money, but I guess I'll just add it to the things I'm going to pay her back for.
  She grins and guides me into her home, which I thought was beautiful on the outside, not to mention very large, but it's even more lovely on the inside, and it feels even more spacious. She calls for me to follow her through the tour, and I turn to look outside, smiling to myself as I shut the door, for the first time in forever feeling like I'm safe. I'm free, happy, and there's really no other place I'd rather be. So, I guess you could say I'm doing just fine, which is something I'd never though would pertain to me.

 ~Sorry this one's so short loves, but this was the best way I could think to end it, so this is how it ended up! Don't worry though, I'm already started on the sequel! <3 I love you all, and thanks to all of you who stuck through this process with me, and finally it's over! Good thing we get to do it all over again, right? ;P 

  ~ss_lover xx

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