Taken {Complete}

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: Katie is your seemingly average 18 year old, but with a scarred past. After escaping her parents and ending up across the country in the big wonder of Manhattan, one of the most heavily populated boroughs of New York City, she thinks the worst of her problems are behind her. She just wants a normal life, to grow up and maybe dabble in music, to just live her life. With her previous happenings, she's basically given up on love, but you can be happy with friends, right? But when she is kidnapped late one night after a long night at work, will she escape, or will her past come back to haunt her? All she wanted was to be normal, but she knows now that can never happen.


8. Fear of Being Found

  Light shines through my eyelids as I groan and stretch. I bring my hands to my eyes and rub the sleep from them groggily as I open them, slowly adjusting to the light. I nearly have a heart attack when the door opens, revealing Louis with a tray of food. I stare at him, remembering yesterday's unsettling events with a sudden coldness.
  They touched me. They actually touched me, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. I narrow my eyes at him as he smiles brightly, bringing the food to me.
  "Harry made waffles, love! Eat up!" he announces, places the tray on the night stand next to the bed.
  I freeze when he mentions Harry, remembering with disgust the way he touched me. Without my consent, silent tears slip down my cheeks as I turn from Louis, wrapping myself in the covers while leaving my back to him coldly. 
  "Katie, talk to me please. I want to help you," he pleads, sitting next to me on the bed as it dips from his weight. 
  I shake my head, not wanting to talk to him, because I know that if I do I'll break and most likely tell him everything. 
  "Please, love," he begs, rubbing small circles in my back through the covers. 
  I flinch away from his touch, pulling myself as far away from him as the size of the bed permits.
  "We didn't mean to hurt you," he whispers after a moment of silence.
  For an unknown reason, anger flares in me when he says this. I whip around to face him, my eyes blazing.
  "Oh, sure, that's believable. You almost rape me, then expect me to think you didn't mean to hurt me? Well, it's a little late, because I'm more than hurt; I'm broken. Ellie looked up to you all; you guys were her idols. But I can't possibly imagine why, because you're all a bunch of perverted bastards that enjoy ruining innocent lives," I yell, my emotions heavy as my voice cracks with sorrow when I mention Ellie.
  It hurts to think of her, though I can't help but think that her image of these boys was totally wrong. 
  "Who's Ellie? Look Katie, we're sorry. I know what we did is inexcusable, but can you at least try to forgive us?" his eyes glisten, the bright blue softening with moisture.
  My gaze just hardens as I narrow my eyes at him.
  "Don't you ever, ever say her name! You have no right! And why would I ever forgive you guys? You're no better than him," I fire back furiously, but my voice cracks, and that's when I break.
  The tears fall roughly at first, but then turn to full, steady sobs as I turn away from Louis, squeezing my eyes shut. His arms wrap around me soothingly, and I'm too lost to fight. I feel distant, hearing the door open again, but it sounds far away. I hear voices, but I can't make out who they belong to. I'm shaken out of my trace, literally. I blink rapidly at Louis, whom is shaking me, in confusion as I come back to reality, meeting the concerned gaze of five boys.
  "We heard shouting. Are you alright?" Liam asks, directing his attention to me. 
  I stare at him bleakly, not answering him while my sobs quiet, trying to take deep breaths to calm myself. Pushing myself from Louis, I sit as far from him as the bed will allow and pull my knees to my chest, hugging them.
  "I'm fine," I mutter, but I can tell its not very convincing.
  Zayn sighs then pushes past Liam, coming to sit on the bed in front of me, which also causes Louis to turn to me as well. The other boys scoot towards the bed too, but I just scoot farther back, beginning to feel uncomfortable. I don't want this to be a repeat of the lag time they cornered me on a bed. 
  Leaning forward, Zayn reaches for me, probably in a kind way, but it causes my stomach drop as I spring away from him, only to realize too late that I'm as far from them I can be on the bed. I land with a thud on the floor, scrambling back to the wall. They sigh, but not in anger, instead in sadness. Harry opens his mouth, but must think better of it because he closes it without a word after I glare at him, remembering what happen only yesterday so vividly.
  "C'mon Katie, lets just go eat, alright?" Niall pleads, smiling warmly at me to ease the tension. 
  I sigh once I realize that I really have no choice. They'll force me out of here one way or another. It's not like me being unwilling has stopped them before.
  "Sure," I murmur, hoisting myself onto my feet with the support of the wall.
  I shuffle my feet gingerly towards them, and I see Liam suddenly grin mischievously, whispering something to the boys that I can't hear. They nod and laugh, turning their gazes back on me as I warily slide past them and towards the door. 
  Before I can move out of the way, Liam scoops me into his arms bridal style, heading out the door. I wriggle in his arms, but soon stop as his grip doesn't change. Just as I open my mouth to protest, he speaks first, gliding down the stairs with ease, even though he's carrying me as well.
  "Katie, today we're going to treat you like a princess, alright? We're sorry we scared you yesterday, love, we are. The lads and I all agreed on this," he perks, smiling down at me as he enters the kitchen, setting me down lightly on the chair.
  "Fine," I give in.
  I mean, how bad would it be for them to treat me nice, even just for a day, though I'd be their princess in hell. If being kidnapped by these lunatics isn't hell, I'm not sure what is.
  "Great!" Liam bursts, just as the other boys trample into the kitchen, before stopping in a line before me.
  I'm about to ask them why, but they bow just then, sweeping their gazes towards me courteously as they stand. I smile slightly, then I can feel it bubbling up inside me, and I laugh. A true, good-hearted laugh. The first since they kidnapped me. They smile instantly, ginning actually, their eyes sparkling.
  "That's the first you've laughed, love!" Niall exclaims, his smile widening.
  "And I'll make sure it's not the last," Louis adds, right as Liam sets a plate of blueberry waffles on the table.
  The boys eye the stack and lick their lips, but don't make any move to grab some, even Niall, with the exception of a twitch of his hand.
  "You first, Katie. Today is your day, so you can get yours first," Liam announces, sliding into the chair across from me.
  The other boys sink into theirs, their eyes only drifting from the food to look at me, before their gazes flick back. I smile mischievously, wanting to give them payback.
  "So, you guys won't eat until I take some?" I ask innocently, and earn a nod from Liam.
  "Alright," I say, sitting back in my chair with a smirk.
  The others groan, realizing my intentions. The room is silent for a moment as I let it sink in.
  "Katie, please take some! We're starving!" Niall finally breaks the silence, right as his stomach grumbles, as if to prove his point.
  I look at the food, and it does smell delicious. I shrug, then grab a waffle from the plate, grabbing the syrup as the boys erupt with mutters of 'thank-you' 's, their plates containing several waffles in a matter of seconds. I take my time pouring my syrup to stretch out their wait, and the second I set it down it's gone, circulating around the table as the boys get their share. I laugh softly, but pull my face into a frown. 
  I can't believe I'm laughing at them, and earlier I was laughing with them! What's gotten into you, Katie? You have to hate them! You need to get out as soon as possible! I mentally slap myself as I take a bite, fuming at myself for being so careless with them.
  For the rest of the meal, the boys chat absently about their next album and upcoming concerts, but I don't join in on anything, not really wanting to. I don't care that they're trying to be nice, they kidnapped me.
  "You feeling alright, love?" Zayn asks, "You haven't ushered a word," he adds, looking at me with a hint of concern.
  I shrug, standing to take care of my dishes. 
  "I'm fine," I answer quietly, not looking at them as I place my dishes in the sink.
  "Just leave them there. Why don't you go in the living room and turn on the telly, yeah? Just relax, we'll be out in just a sec," Niall says, and they resume eating as I nod.
  I walk to the living room, and I realize the front door is right before me, out of sight from the kitchen. I jump with joy as I reach for the handle, but my heart sinks as I find it to be locked. Disappointment hurts.  I turn away from it with a sigh, sitting reluctantly on the couch as I reach for the remote, turning the television on. It blinks to life, a news reporter filling the screen.
  "-has been missing for one week now. If you have any information regarding the Walters case, please call the number on the screen below."
  My heart literally stops beating as my face is suddenly on the screen, a picture of Ellie and I when we were sixteen. My mother comes up on the screen with a teary face, Phillip's arms wrapped protectively around her as she starts to speak. 
  "Who ever you are, please just give her back. I want my daughter back, please," her voice cracks, but I know it's all lies. She doesn't care for me, but she'd seem too heartless if she wasn't like this over her missing daughter.
  The next face on the screen though causes me to see stars. My worst nightmare makes his appearance, his usual sly grin now sad and depressed, though it's all an act.
  "I miss my Katie. Please, give her back to me," is all he says, and I fall to my knees, a hand over my mouth to stop my screams.
  Now he's one step closer to finding me. He knows where I once was, as I'm sure they said I was kidnapped from Manhattan. I jump with a slight scream, though it sounds more like a choking noise, as I feel arms wrap around me. I'm turned gently to face a worried Liam, and he hushes me, pressing my sobbing face into his chest. It's not like I'm missing home, at least the one with my parents, but I'm scared beyond measures, knowing that I'm no longer hidden away from David. He knows where I was, and I now it won't be too long before he magically ends up finding me here. 
  "Katie, love, I'm sorry. You shouldn't have had to see that," he murmurs, pressing his chin against the top of my head as he tries to rub my back soothingly. 
  I pull away from him, staring at him through watery eyes. Then I do something that thoroughly surprises me; I laugh, though it holds no humor, but it still startles both of us. He frowns, confusion evident on his face. I just shake my head, pulling my lips into a line as I look to the floor. 
  "Was- is he your boyfriend?" Liam asks softly as the other boys enter the room, gazing down at us on the floor. 
  This earns another humorless from me, as I shake my head, not sure if I'm ready to tell them how far he is from being my boyfriend.
  "Was. Definitely was," I whisper, my eyes tearing up again at just the thought of him.
  Next thing I know, I'm wrapped in Harry's arms as he scoops me off the floor from beside Liam, placing me on the couch. The others sit on the couch around us, Louis taking the place on my right while Harry holds me on my left. What Harry asks next surprises me the most though, like he started piecing together the puzzle that shouldn't be there.
  "Is he David?" he breathes, his voice so quiet it's barely audible, but I can tell everyone heard.
  My breathe gets caught in my throat as the tears reach my eyes again, his name being said by someone else hitting something in me. I shouldn't have slipped, said his name in their presence. Now I know they won't stop until they know the story, which I'm more than reluctant to tell, to even think about, honestly. I open my mouth to protest, but only a strangled sound emerges as I fight to form words, but instead my throat closes tighter, and I can feel a panic attack coming. Desperately I try to fight down the oncoming hyperventilation, looking at the floor. 
  I hear the television once more, reminding me that it's still on. With him still taking up the screen talking. Just as it's about to end, he looks straight into the camera, ushering his final words before the news moves on. 
  "I'll find you, my little bird..."

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