Long Way Down

Lana has just started college and is studying fine art. She just wants to graduate and get the qualifications she needs but she meets a beautiful British boy that makes her believe in love at first sight.


1. moving in

First day. I can't believe that little me, little Lana who was in nursery drawing perfect family scenarios on cheap, flimsy paper is already in college studying fine art. Time goes so fast. Too fast for me. I can't comprehend how far I have come in education and how clean I am of alcohol and cutting and how I have not had to tap of the ashes of a cigarette in over six months. The only segment I'm a failure in is love. It's too good in this hide and seek game. However I've got to keep reminding myself that I'm not in college for love, I'm in college to graduate and make my family proud. That is all. And if a man comes in between me and my education, no matter how gorgeous or loving he is, I will move him out of the way without hesitation and focus on what I came to college for. So here goes, first day. I'm ready for whatever judgemental teacher or rebellious student throws at me. Thank god I've got my own dorm room, I don't have to deal with new people and pretend to be ultimate bestfriends with them. First day...

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