Ara had no intention to attend a hockey match, much less break the law as she found herself in the one of the teams' chamber. What a relief a certain boy was there to save her from being brought to court.


2. Two

Ara's P.O.V.

"Oh, uh..." I fumbled with words, trying to find something intelligent to say.

I was standing in front of twenty to thirty boys, who I guessed were one of the teams I had previously seen playing. Giving them an innocent smile, I slowly started walking backwards and my back came in contact with the metal door. 

"Where do you think you're going?" A man in a suit stood up from his seat, his mustache making him look like a walrus. 
"Well, you see... I don't think I'm supposed to be here, so I was just going to, you know, get out and pretend it never happened-" I rambled, being cut off almost immediately. 
"I can't let you off the hook, this is illegal!" He boomed, making me jump back. 
"Look, I didn't come here on purpose, I'm sorry." I defended nervously, my heart raced a thousand miles per second due to the situation I just had to put myself in. 

Why couldn't I simply listen to Joey? I should've stayed out there, waiting for him like any other normal human being would've done, which apparently, I'm not. Talking about him, he's probably out and looking for me. Damn it Ara, you just couldn't listen.

"Yeah, right." He scoffed. "Now-"
"Let her go, Paul." A boy spoke disbelievingly, shaking his head at the man. 
"Bieber, stay out-" He spoke sternly, soon being interrupted, again. 
"Come on, I'll escort you out." He stood up, making me notice his lack of shirt, which meant he had none... not complaining. 

I gave him a thankful look, watching as he stood up, only dressed in jean and socks. He didn't even take the time to put his shoes on, ignoring his coach's shouts. He opened the door, letting me out first. 

Thanking him quietly, we walked down the silent corridor, opening the door I came from. He stayed there, and I understood he couldn't go any further due to the multiple intense hockey fans out there. 

"Well, thank you for the save." I smiled politely, nodding my head at him. 
"It was my pleasure...?" He raised his eyebrows, as if asking for my name. 
"Ara." I extended out my hand, his extremely large one grabbing mine gently. 
"Well it was my pleasure to save you, Ara." He chuckled cutely. "I'm Justin and I really have to run... so I guess it was nice meeting you." 

Before I could respond, his muscled back was the only view I could get from him. He jogged back to where we previously were, giving me one last look. Sighing in content, I breathed out in relief, walking towards the men's bathrooms. 

I looked around, not seeing Joey. I felt a tap on my shoulder, making me spin around. He stood there, motioning for me to follow him. We walked out of the stadium, which led us to his car afterwards. Even though I didn't know if he noticed I had been gone for five minutes, my mind wasn't worried about that... it was elsewhere.

"I spent two minutes looking for you!" He exclaimed, driving carefully into the extreme traffic. 
"Well, it's extremely crowded and I'm really short." I shrugged nonchalantly, ignoring the fact I had been in a hockey team's chamber and almost got to court. 
"Ara..." He trailed, as if knowing I had been lying. 
"Okay, fine!" I spoke in exasperation. "So... it was to crowded for my liking and I kinda... just, explored a little." 
"Arabella!" He gasped, looking at me. "Did you find one of the teams' chamber?" 
"Well... yes." I said uneasily, earning another gasp from him. "And, a dude named Paul with a walrus mustache wanted to bring me in court, but a player saved me... his name was Justin something. Was it Bringer?" 
"Bieber." He clarified, rolling his eyes. "But that's super cool! Do you realize? Now that I think about it, you didn't even get me an autograph!" 
"Joey, getting you an autograph was the last thing on my mind." I snickered, making him glare at me. 

I'm not even sure if I regretted exploring. It was an experience, I mean, come on... that definitely made my curious side fade away! Well, slightly. I just wonder why one of these players had the guts to stand up against their coach for a simple intruder. I know I certainly wouldn't have done it, that's for sure! 

We arrived at my apartment building, both of us looking at each other. I gave him a side hug kind of thing, smiling at him briefly. I stepped out of the car, smiling at him, watching him drive away in his Honda. Turning on my heels, I walked in, taking the small stairs. 

There wasn't any elevators since there was only three floors, which meant it was kind of unnecessary. I climbed the first flight of stairs, arriving at the second floor where I lived. I jabbed my key into the knob, jiggling them around to make the door open, slamming my body into the door making it fling open. Bingo

"Why don't you make more noise?" I heard my neighbour, Mr. Carlson, scream sarcastically. 

He was one old and cranky man. Giggling quietly, I closed the door without making the most noise I could make, locking it. I threw my keys on the small table in the entrance, taking the itchy jersey off. Running my hand in my long, black hair, my thoughts rushed. 

Adrenaline was still pumping through my veins from earlier. I realized that being in such a situation is a whole lot funnier in movies, books and things as such. Everyone says they want some little action in their lives, I don't think I'd be able to handle more than what just happened. 

But what astonished me the most was what he did for me. I couldn't thank him enough, but I don't think they'd send me to jail for that... right? He seemed extremely sweet, too. He was one of the cutest boy I'd ever seen and... what in the hell am I saying?

Shaking my head, I hurried to the kitchen, taking pizza leftovers out. Sliding them in the microwave, I had the thought of work crossing my mind. I had work tomorrow... damn it. Sighing, I heard the loud beep indicating my food was heated. 

Eating pizza, watching The Vampire Diaries reruns and you know... having a typical sunday night, in my book. At midnight, I thought it would be a good idea to go to bed since... well, I'm going to be tired tomorrow anyways. I'm already tired. 

Seeing as I don't really wear those PJ's you see girls in movies in, I threw on my short checkered pyjama shorts and one of my tight hoodies. Bringing my long hair into a ponytail, I threw myself into bed, sighing in content. 

Images of tonight rushed through my mind, the boring game, how the Senators won, the fact I almost been brought to court by a walrus or the disgusting stadium popcorn coming out of Joey's mouth. But something lingered in my mind a bit longer. 

Justin Bringer.

Wait... that's not it. 

Justin Bieber. 



De todos modos...


-Audrey :]


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