Ara had no intention to attend a hockey match, much less break the law as she found herself in the one of the teams' chamber. What a relief a certain boy was there to save her from being brought to court.


7. Seven

Ara's P.O.V.

Every time I closed my eyes, the image of Justin Bieber popped up, not even giving me the time to think of other things. He was invading my every thought and I was more than clueless as to why this was happing to me, the ex Olympic athlete/ waitress. It was an unknown feeling I wish I could distinguish. 

"Ara!" I snapped out of my thoughts, slowly looking up. "Table three has been waiting for fifteen minutes!" 

I whispered an apology, gripping the apron around my waist tightly. I exhaled slowly, trying to compose myself. What was happening to me? I made my way around the counter and towards my section, taking their drink orders. Luckily for me, table three was Joey and his friend, Matthew. It would've been much more embarrassing if it were to be a stranger. 

"I have been waiting for fifteen minutes!" Joey said sarcastically. "Now, maybe I should get you fired?" 
"Than no more hockey for you." I smirked, putting my pad in my pocket. 

The day at work was a drag and I wanted nothing more than to sleep. Joey and Matthew had drained every single drop of energy out of me with their constant nagging and teasing, I was on the border of hitting them in the face with chairs... but that'd mean I'd get fired and I'd have to find another job. 

Finally, my shift was over and I was literally on my knees, sleeping. I grabbed my stuff from underneath the counter, pulling my over worn sweatshirt on and leather ankle boots. I tried pulling the short pencil skirt down, but I miserably failed, so I let it that way, not in the mood to try and make it better. 

"Ara!" I slowly looked up, seeing my co-worker, Jade, smiling. "There's someone here for you!" 

I nodded knowingly, slowly trudging towards the entrance where my supposedly friend would be there. It's probably Joey, pretending he'll give me a ride before driving off in the cold night, leaving me to walk on my own, which I absolutely hated. I pushed my messily curled hair out of my face. 

My lips immediately curved upwards as I noticed Justin sitting on a chair, scrolling through his notifications. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants, a white t-shirt and his leather jacket, a black pair of Supra's on his feet. A black snapback was laying flat on his head, backwards. He usually didn't put it all the way down, which made it seem like it was floating in the air. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck, resting my head shamelessly on his shoulder. I'm pretty sure if I wasn't so tired, I'd be a little less friendly, but right now, I was exhausted and in extreme need of sleep. 

"What are you doing here?" I whispered. 
"I wanted to see you." He grinned childishly, locking his phone and putting it back in his pocket, looking at me with his adorable brown eyes. "Plus, I'm leaving in two days and I wanted to see you before I left." 
"Aw, so early?" I frowned, feeling my heart fall deep in the pit of my stomach. 
"Why don't you come over for the night?" He stood up, pushing his chair back. "I'll take the couch." 

I accepted, following him to his expensive car I wished to have. I swear, his seats were enough to make me fall asleep. He opened the door for me, giving me a small smile that was brighter than my future. His teeth were so white. I made myself comfortable in his car, smiling in comfort. 

"Gosh, it's freezing." I muttered as we neared his condo. 
"Do you wanna see something cool?" He smirked to himself, pressing a button close to his radio. 

I felt my seat starting to heat, and my eyes widened. I gasped, looking at him like an excited child on Christmas Eve, patiently waiting for Christmas to arrive. It felt like comfort for you butt, and it was awesome. 

"This is absolutely insane." I laughed. 

We finally pulled up into the underground parking lot of his complex, ready to head up to his freaking penthouse I wished I owned. We slowly walked into the elevator, which its temperature was cold too. Has anyone ever heard of heat? I mean, I know it's winter in Colorado, but some people have low tolerance to cold. 

"Pick something out of my closet and come back, I'll make you hot chocolate." 

I certainly didn't argue with that. I looked through his massive wardrobe, finding a huge black sweatshirt that seemed to end near my knees. It's like a nightgown, but comfier. I pulled off my original clothing, keeping my underwear beneath, before pulling the hoodie over my head and let it rest against my skin. 

I left my stuff into his room, slowly closing the door behind me as I made my way back to the kitchen. A cup of hot chocolate was sitting on the island, right in front of a transparent stool, as he cleaned up the mess he made. 

"Thank you, Mr. Bieber." I smiled, kissing his cheek. 

As I pulled back, I noticed his reddened cheek, which made me smile goofily. I sat in my stool, crossing one of my legs over the other, scared that someone could see beneath the sweatshirt. I drank the hot chocolate more than happily. I felt my hurt flutter once I looked at him, who was cleaning up the counter. 

And here comes the feeling again.



De todos modos... 


-Audrey :]


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