I love her.

"Justin..." I whispered, as he left wet, yet soft kisses down my neck.

I shivered at his touch.

"Shh. Age is just a number, Baby. Just a number."


6. Chapter 6

*Emma's P.O.V.*

I opened the door, shakingly after taking one last deep breath,
And there he stand, looking sexy as ever! *-*

I had to control myself, to let my mouth closed.
"Hey." I managed to say, and as soon as he looked over at me his mouth dropped to the ground. And as much as I wanted, I just couln't stop myself from smirking.
"H-hi, you look...b-beautiful." He finally answered.
I smiles and thanked him, "You don't look bad yourself, Bieber."
He wriggled his eyebrows making me laugh, and held his hand out for me to take. I gladly accepted his offer and followed him to the car. His hand was warm and fit just perfectly with mine, but you kinda felt his nervousness.

"You know, I didn't mean to push you or something, I just thought maybe you'd be more comfortable, if pappz get in our way..." His coice interrupted my thoughts, as he nervously glanced at our connected hands.

He was being cute, and I felt myself blush a little bit, as I realized what we were doing. What I got myself into.
Because here I am, on my first date with international pop sensation Justin Bieber.

But not only did I blush. It made me understand and think about all the negative things in his life.

If a person asks you to go on a date with them, then that means they think there can be more. Right?
So, that means Justin wouln't mind having a more than friendly relationship with me. But I don't know if I can handle this.

After all he's still the Justin Bieber. He'll never have a normal teenage life.
I'm wondering what happens, if I really go out with him. As his girlfriend.

Will my life change too?
Will there be much hate?
Or will his Beliebers actually like me?
Can I make him happy?

An most importantly:

Can I be happy like this?

That all were questions, that were going through my mind. And that weren't even all.
You can only imagine how I feel right now.

"Emma?" Justins angelic voice interrupted my thoughts again.
I quickly looked up and blinke a couple of times. "Eh...ehm..yeah?" I fake-smiled.
"Are you ok? You just seemed like...in another world again." His lightly laughters were soon joined by mine.
"No, I'm fine." I smiled, this time a real one. "I was just deep in thoughts, I guess."

"Or was it my charme and sexyness, that wouln't leave your mind." Justin smirked. My eyes grew large and I quickly shook my hea. "Jus10!"
He threw his hands up in surrender and shook his head laughing.
"I didn't know you were this full of yourself and....perverted." I stated, still shocked about his sudden mood-change.
But his smirk just grew, as he laughed again. "I haven't even started, babe."


"Close your eyes." He smiled at me, as we were standing in front of his car. It was dark outside, so I couldn't really make out where we were.
For a second I thought about arguing, but I didn't want to be bitchy again. Not today.
So, I did as told and covered my eyes with my hands. Justin made sure I couldn't see, before gently lifting me off the ground.

Shocked from the sudden movement, I held onto Justin's neck as tightly as I could, leaving just enough space for him to breathe. A cute, little chuckle escaped his mouth again, as his grip around me tightened.
"I won't drop you, Emma. I promise."

Hesistantly loosing my grip around his amrs, I nodded my head. "Ok. But if you drop m-" "I told you, I wouldn't. I swear, you can trust me, Em."

Fuck. I could literally feel the blood rushing to my cheeks again. I don't know how he does this, but every fucking time I have a conversation with him, at one point he makes me blush. I'm not too sure what to think about that.

"So, my ladie." He said in a fake british accent, letting me down. "You may open your eyes now."
I smiled and slowly put my hands off my face, looking around.

The sight was breathtaking and just and only amazing.
To our left were a cute little table with two chairs and a red rose in a vase with candles. It looked just like in the movies.

"I know it's not much and all....but it's a private beach. I thought it was a good idea, so we wouldn't get...you know...stalked." He looked at the ground, nervously tapping his foot and playing with the sand.
I think all this fame-thingy gets to him sometimes seriously hard.

"No." I smiled, amazed. "It's beautiful, Justin. Really beautiful...thank you. I mean for...kinda not showing me off to the world." I giggled. "Good to know we an be in private for some time....without worrying about the media."
He looked up from the ground, a big smile plastered on his face. "You like it? I thought you'd think I'm a loser now."
"Awe! No. Why would I think that? I think it's cute, that you thought about that too." I hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. "This date is already the best I've ever had....thanks to you."


"So you mean you just slapped him?" Justin laughed about one of my stories, where I slapped my teacher, because....well, let's better not bring this up again :D
I nodded my head, smiling a bit, when I looked at the time. 9:30....I bet my 'mom' called me like 23084 times on skype now...yep, she did. And only 44 messages and 3 calls. wow, you were worse one time, mom. -.-
Even if she isn't in town she wants to have control of me. I mean, I'm 14, right, but if she lefts me home for who knows how long, then she could at least let me be then. Don't you think?
Like, I can be home alone for idk 3 months, but if I don't answer to any of her stupid ass messages she gets all worried?
Who are you trying to fool?

"You ok?" I heard him ask, as I snapped my head back up again, nodding. "Yeah, just....my mom won't leave me alone." I sighed.
"Oh...but I thought she wasn't in town?" "Yeah, she isn't. But she feels like, if she calls me every night it's like living together. And if I don't answer, then...that." I said, showing him my screen.
44 messages.
12 skype-calls.
and 23 missed calls in these past 30 minutes.

"You see that? I mean, isn't it obvious I'm busy right now?" I rolled my eyes, and looked at Justin questioning.
"Yeah." He chuckled. "But maybe we should....kinda bring you home then. I mean, not that I wanna, but she's still your mother..."

I sighed fustrated but nodded anyways. "Yeah, I guess..."


"So, thank you....for...you know...going out with me." Justin said, standing in front of my frontdoor.

"Thank you too. I had a lot of fun tonight." I smiled at him.

"Yeah, me too...bye then?" I nodded and hugged him. "Call me tomorrow or so?"

"Will do." He said, looking deep into my eyes. The smile on my face was still there, as I found myself somehow getting lost in his eyes. They were so beautiful. Like sparkling diamonds.

This moment reminded me of the time back in the hospital....

Our first kiss.

It was a very good one actually, but not as good as our second.

Which happened to be now....

He kissed me...


But this time with more passion.


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