I love her.

"Justin..." I whispered, as he left wet, yet soft kisses down my neck.

I shivered at his touch.

"Shh. Age is just a number, Baby. Just a number."


5. Chapter 5

*Emma's P.O.V.*

"What are You even talking about?" Amanda asked.
"I...uhhh..." I couldn't find the right words to say to her, I mean I don't know what Justin and I are right now, and as long as it is like that, I can't tell anyone. Right? He is the world most famous popstar, of course I can't tell anyone.

She raised her eyebrows at me, and crossed her arms over her chest. "Tell me."
I looked at the ground, and tried to find a way of telling her at least a bit. "I have...I kinda have a date tomorrow?" It came out, more like a question, but I couldn't care less.
I took a short glance at her, excepting to see an angry Amanda, but surprisingly found a happy one?
"You have a date with Justin? Tomorrow? That's amazing, babe!" She came and hugged me very tight, almost squeezing me to death. "Am-Amanda. Can't br-eath." I managed to say, and as soon as she understood what I was trying to tell her she gave me an apologizing look and released from the hug. "Sorry...." I nodded my head and smiled at her. "And to answer your question, yes I have a date tomorrow. With Justin."
Her grin widened and she took my hand, walking straight to my room.

"Alright. We have to find the perfect outfit to make him go crazy over you. After this night he'll literally throw himself all over you." I made a disgusted face and fake coughed. "NOT LIKE THAT!" She screamed in my face, making me nearly deaf.
"Ok, ok. I'm sorry, no need to make my ears go numb." I laughed, throwing my hands in the air. She giggled and shook her head. "You're one crazy girl..." I gave her a look and raised my eyebrows. "Says the girl, that punched a 4 year-old, for hating Justin Bieber?" "Hey! This kid was really mean, and I didn't know what do to!" She defended herself. "And anyways. That doesn't make me a 'crazy-girl'." "Yeah, you're right. That makes you a violence using, unfriendly, and kids-hating-girl." I said serious. She looked at me and pouted. "Do you mean that?" I nodded my head. "Yes, but that doesn't mean I don't love you anymore."
Her frown quickly faded and was replaced by a big smile. "I love you too!" She squealed, before attacking me again. This girl....


*Next day*

I groaned, as my alarm clock went off, and turned around in my bed again. I was laying on my side, as suddenly my eyes went wide open. Today is friday! The date! OMGOMGOMG!
I quickly stood up, and rushed down the stairs, making myself some cereal. I wanted to start early with my outfit and everything, so it would all look perfectly good. I know, 10 in the moment is a bit TOO early, but who cares? I was too nervous to do something else now anyway.


*6 o'clock.*

I was just done with doing my make-up (Don't judge, I'm always wearing this much....get over it) and putting on my outfit, as my phone rang. I took a glance at the screen and saw the face of my mom pop out. Seriously? Now, when I have better things do to she's there to bother me, but when I need her the most, and nobody's around, she isn't either.

Sighing I picked up the phone and accepted the call.

"Hey mom."
"Hey, sweetie."
She began. "Everything alright?"

I instantly rolled my eyes at her behavior and 'hmmed'. I seriously just wanted to yell at her, and let all my anger out, but I couldn't do that. I wouldn't let her ruin thiis evening too, especially because of the date.

"Oh, that's good. I actually just called to tell you, that we won't make it tomorrow. We'll be stuck here for maybe another two weeks."

I knew it....just when I thought she would care for once, she again doesn't. Whatever.

Without saying anything, I hung up the phone and threw it on the ground. Shaking my head I made my way over to my bag, as I suddenly heard the sounnd of....happyiness. My happiness. The thing I waited for....

The doorbell....


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