Breaking Point

Everyone else had their happy endings. Except for Lucy Skies, who got heartache for someone that she didn't even get to know. Her mate, Alpha Aiden dies in a car crash on his way to school, where he would have met his one true love. But what really caused the crash? A pack is left leaderless until Lucy comes along and is encouraged to take the role. Will it be too much? A broken pack with a weary leader. How far can Lucy go when she finds out that Aiden's killer is after her too?


4. Chapter Three:

As soon as I woke up I was bombarded by the pains in my head and neck. My neck was able to move around again and I looked around my room.

Aiyanna was sitting in a chair next to me, her head buried in a book. 

"Hey." I said weakly. Her eyes snapped up to meet mine. 

"Hiya Luce. Do you want to go home?" She asked gently. I nodded, wanting to get as far away from this place as I could. 

"And Aiyanna? Please don't talk about it." I said, and I knew that she knew exactly what I was saying. 

"Let's go." She said, grabbing my arm and pulling me up slowly.

"How long have I been out?" I asked, once she got me into a black wheelchair. 

"Just a day." She said quickly. I sighed and nodded as she rolled me out of the room and down the hall. 

"Will there... Will there be a funeral?" I asked, heisitating at first. 

"It's today." Aiyanna replied. 

"Can we go? Please?" I asked as my wolf let out a pain filled growl at the thought of not being there. 

"Whatever you want." She replied. 

My hands shook ever so slightly as we got out to Aiyanna's truck. 

He had a truck. 

Memories of the crash came pounding on me and a tear fell down my cheek.

Don't think about it, don't think about it. I chanted to myslef. 

A pain filled my chest as I stood up wobbily and Aiyanna hoisted me into the truck. 

My eyesight was bluring in and out. 

'You'd better have a good cry now, before the funeral.' Karlysaid softly. 

And that's when I let it all out.

The tears for not knowing him.

The tears for having to watch him die right in front of me and not being able to do a thing about it.

And the tears for having the one person that would have loved me indefinitely, gone. 


I didn't really dress up for Aiden's funeral. I simply wore dark denim jeans and a loose blouse. 

Aiyanna shielded me from the judgmental looks I got from every direction. 

"Who are you?" A young voice caught my attention and I looked down, despite the flares of pain that came from my neck.

"I'm Lucy. Lucy Skies." I said to the little girl. 

"Luna Lucy!" She said, suddenly happy. 

I watched her whirl around and run away, her auburn curls bouncing as she went. 

I looked at Aiyanna who was smiling. 

"That's right. My best friend is a Luna." She said proudly.

I chuckled softly. Through the crowd I saw the little girl dragging who I assumed were her parents behind her. 

"Hi. I'm Lucy." I said, holding out my hand to the man. 

"I'm Ned, Aiden's dad." He said roughly. A pang went through my heart. He shook my hand firmly. 

"A-a-and I'm Valerie." The woman stuttered, wiping tears out of her eyes. 

The thing that stuck out to me the most about her was her sharp green eyes, same as Aiden's.

"It was nice to meet both of you." I said sincerely. I was going to need them if I decided to take over the pack. 

"And I'm Athena!" The little girl chirped. 

I smiled warmly down at her. 

"It was nice to meet you too." Valerie replied. 

"Come sit with us." Ned continued, and we walked over to the front row of the chairs.

I sat down next to Athena and she gave me a small smile. 

"He was so excited to go to school." She whispered into my ear. I grimaced, not exactly wanting to hear that. 

"I'm sorry Athena." I softly replied. I noticed everyone sitting down, and I took Athena's hand. 

A man walked to the front of the large room. 

"Thank you for all being here today, to honor our beloved Alpha." The man bellowed out. 


Silence fell upon the room. 


"Aiden was a friend, leader, son, and brother to most of us. He was the one constant in all of our lives. Everyone loved Aiden. The accident that took his life was unfair and brutal. We hope that Aiden's legacy will live on, and keep the ties of the pack secure." He continued as cries of grief echoed through the room. 


I'm sure that tears would be streaming down my face if there were any left. 


I tried not to look over at Valerie who was weeping softly into her hand. Athena looked confused and disorientated, like she didn't understand that her big brother was gone. 


"As the pack doesn't know where to go next, I am positive that Aiden will be somewhere, watching over us and guiding us." I took a deep breath. That was where I came in. 


I was the rightful leader of this pack, if I choose to take over. My role was destined to become Luna, but did the Moon Goddess change her mind?


The man said a few more things before dismissing us. I found Aiyanna at the door, pity was evident in her eyes as she looked behind me at Valerie. 


"Goodbye Lucy." Valerie said, pulling me into a hug. 


"Goodbye. I will try to contact the pack with my decision soon." I replied softly, nodding at Ned and Athena before letting go of Valerie and walking out with Aiyanna. 


My eyes felt heavy and puffy from the high emotional stress my heart was emitting. I laid my head on the cool glass of the window the drive back to my house, trying not to listen to the soft whimpers of Karly. 


My mom was waiting at the door. 


"Come here." She whispered, holding her arms out for me. 


My lip quivered and I was in her arms in a moment. 


"I'm so sorry." She whispered slowly squeezing her arms around me. 


I sniffled a bit before pulling back. I saw Aiyanna backing out of the driveway. 


"I just want to go to bed." I rasped. 


She nodded and led me to my room, that was still the way I left it before I left school yesterday morning. 


Before my heart was broken. 


"Sweet dreams sweetie." My mom whispered, kissing my forehead. I climbed into my chilly bed, not bothering to change. 


My eyelids were heavy and soon I was drifting off to sleep, engulfed by a dream. 




A bright light blinded me as I entered my sleep. A silky soft voice whispered my name over and over until I opened my eyes. 


Before me a woman stood. She wore a pale white dress and silver heels. Her silver hair and eyes matched perfectly. She had rosy red lips that popped off her pale white skin.


We were standing in a small, circular stone room, with a wooden door to the left of us.  


"Lucy Skies." She finally said, smiling at me. 


"A-Are you the..." I trailed off in amazement. 


"I'm the Moon Goddess, yes." She finished for me, with a hint of a smile coming over her face. 


"I have called upon you child to do the hardest thing a werewolf has ever had to do." She began in a smooth tone. 


"What am I to do?" I asked. 


"Live without your mate." She said slowly, her eyes penetrating my soul as she studied my face. 


"And lead your pack, the Blood Moon, into victory." She continued. 


My breath left me. I had to take control of the pack. And lead it to victory? But before I could ask any questions she began again. 


"You will not be alone. That I can guarantee. Aiden?" She called out. 


And then the door opened. 


"You may connect in your sleep. He will not cross over until you have defeated the enemy." The Moon Goddess said softly. 


I glanced at her before looking back towards the door. 


A pair of green eyes stared back at me. 



A/N Finally! I felt like every time I scheduled to type last week my teachers decided to give me loads of homework. 


But here it is! 


I just couldn't leave Aiden out of the story for good, so this will be the place that they get to finally bond and get to know each other. 


Hope you enjoyed! 


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