Secrets || h.s au


3. 1//


Another long day at college was over. No more long lectures for another 12 hours, free of having to walk around the cramp hallways from lesson to lesson. Sad how it's only for a couple of hours and then you're back, enduring it again and having to repeat it over and over until the term ends.

I sighed and hopped into my car and drove off the campus' grubby roads and onto the main street. I hummed along to the familiar beat of my The Kooks CD, excited about getting home and flopping down on my bed. The city of London was magnificent, the cobble roads and the passersby rushing from place to place made the busy place seem alive. My phone beeped taking me out of my daze. I looked down at it and smiled to myself.

Zayn: hey baby, missed you. Why don't you stop by my flat? I'll be there soon, just running some errands.

I turned at the next junction and drove towards Zayn's flat, a smile plastered on my face. I reached the apartment buildings and parked. I got out of the stuffy car and breathed in the fresh air which surprisingly wasn't filled with some sort of smoke for once. I hauled my bag on my shoulder and I headed for the stairs. The apartment building was quite modern especially for the part of London I was in. It was quiet and clean. As I reached the door I fished in my bag for my set of keys and found the key he gave me. I inserted it, twisted the handle and pushed it open.

Throwing my bag on the floor I strode over to the living room and plopped down on the couch, the fatigue catching up with me. My mouth flew open as a yawn came out of it and my eyes slowly began to shut.

Ding Dong

I instantly snapped awake and smiled at the thought of Zayn embracing me in a perfect hug. I pulled myself up and walked towards the door and swung it open. To my disappointment it was an unfamiliar man dressed in black skinny jeans, a red flannel and a beanie covering his what seems to be brown hair.

"Um, hi?"

"Yeah, is Zayn in? I have something for him." He spoke in a deep raspy voice.

"Nope but I'd be glad to give it to him." I replied.

"Uh, who are you?" He questioned.

If this was one of Zayn's friends why didn't he know that I was his girlfriend?

"I'm his girlfriend." I answered.

"Ok then, here you go."

He pushed the envelope at me and stalked away. Who was this guy?

"Hey, who do I say it's from?!" I bellowed down the hallway.

He just carried on walking, leaving me to worry. What the hell was that? I slammed the door shut and walked towards the kitchen, the envelope sitting idly in my hand. I placed it down on the counter and just stared at it, contemplating whether or not to open it. It wasn't going to be anything secretive as he just handed it to me and walked away with no explanation or whatever. Shrugging my shoulders, I tore the envelope open and a letter and a small picture fell out. I grasped it in my hand and looked at it. A gasp fell out of my lips. Shock took over my body and I risked another look at the picture.

What sort of sick and twisted person would do this?

Shakily, I placed the photo down and picked up the letter.


great job today. Showed the guy well. The boys have taken care of the corp-


My breath hitched in my throat at the voice and I quickly placed the letter behind my back.

"Waverly you in here?"

"Uh, y-yeah, in here." I stuttered.

Dammit Waverly.

"Hey baby."

He walked over to me and hugged me. The hug that I had been waiting for had suddenly not been what I was expecting. I stiffened in his arms. He pulled away and looked my in the eye. His chocolate brown eyes burning holes into me.

"Waverly, baby, what's wrong." he caressed my cheeks with his cold fingers.

Lie, Waverly, Lie

"Who, me? yeah, I'm dandy."

Jesus Christ Waverly what type of a bloody lie is that.

"Are you sure?" He pressed.

His eyes wandered over behind me and I turned around to follow them. They landed on the envelope and the photo that sat on the counter. My heart rate sped up and my palms began to sweat and I accidentally dropped the letter.

Dammit dammit dammit

I quickly bent down to pick it up but Zayn had stomped his boot on it, holding it down away from my yearning hands. He bent down, his eyes locked on mine. He slowly picked the letter up, his gaze still on me. I gulped.

His eyes scanned the letter and I saw his jaw tighten. He strolled past me and picked the photo up, examining it.

"Where did you get this?" His tone was cold and demanding.

"I-it was dropped off by someone."


"I-I don't k-know. A man just c-came and h-handed it to me." I replied, scared at his sudden tone.

"And you took it off him?!" He shouted.

"Yes Zayn, what was I going to do. He said it was for you and asked me to give it to you." I fired back.

"He said it was for me, not for your wandering eyes."

"Zayn, are you hiding something from me?" I asked in disbelief.

He didn't answer.

"Damn it Zayn answer me! What is all this shit. Did you kill someone? are you in a gang? Just tell me what you did." I pleaded.

"Waverly, I haven't done shit. I have no clue what this is." He was growing angry.

"So you have the decency to lie to my face?" I scoffed.

"Waverly don't use that tone at me."

"So you did. Oh my god, you committed a murder. You've killed peo-."

I felt his cold hand grab my mouth.

"Shut up." he growled.

I thrashed around in his arms, hoping to have him let me go but he didn't. Tears welled up in my eyes as I wrapped my head around this situation.

My boyfriend was a murderer.

My boyfriend was a murderer.

My boyfriend was a murderer.

He unhooked his hand away from my face and I ran with tears spilling out of my eyes. My heart was aching at the new found news and I felt sick to my stomach.

"Waverly!" He screamed my name.

I made a beeline for the door. I yanked it open and sped down the stairs, scared for my life. My heart was beating at a rapid pace as I ran down the stairs. I fished my car keys out of my pocket and shakily opened the car. I locked myself inside as I heard banging on the door.

"Go away you monster!" I screamed, putting the car in ignition and racing away.

Tears poured out of my eyes, causing my mascara to run. Oh my god. My boyfriend was a murderer and he didn't tell me. He kept it from. So he could've killed any time he wanted to? I gasped at the thought. He had possibly killed innocent people.

I quickly parked my car and ran up the stairs to my apartment. My roommate wasn't even in and I rolled my eyes. I wasn't surprised. I barged into my room and pulled out two suitcases and began hurriedly stuffing shit in my bag. I had to get out of here. I heard my door slam shut and my body stiffened.

"Waverly, I know you're in here!"

I picked up the pace in throwing my stuff in the bags and I felt a gust of wind hit me in the face. His shadow was stretched out in front of me.

"Zayn." I gulped.

He stepped closer to me and I pulled myself up on my feet, my knees quavering beneath me. As he came closer to me I ran and headed for the door but stopped in my tracks at the sound of a gunshot.

He was armed and wasn't hesitant in shooting at me.

"Waverly don't you dare run away from me."

"How do you expect me not to run away from you, you monster." I breathed.

"Waverly.." He spoke in a warning tone.

I looked up and almost had the wind knocked out of me as I came eye to eye with the gun. His cold fingers wrapped around the handle of the gun, pointing it at me. No emotion in his eyes and his stance confident.

"Zayn, I'm your girlfriend." I cried out in disbelief.

He didn't say anything, he just continued to stand there with the tip of the gun facing me. Taunting me about my soon to be death. I collapsed on the floor as my body shook with fright, tears gushing out. Out of my peripheral I noticed Zayn moving closer to me. He placed the weapon down and embraced me.

"Don't touch me." I seethed.

I speedily got up off the floor and ran towards the gun and grasped it in my hand. The feel of the cold metal seeping through my skin. I shakily pointed it at him and cried.

"Waverly baby, you don't want to do this." He smirked.

"But you didn't hesitate to point it at me and nearly shoot did you?!" I shot back.

"You were gonna blow my secret."

"you frightened me Zayn. You pointed a gun at me, shouted at me and you've stalked me here." I whispered, "Zayn, you've killed people and you didn't even tell me. You're a murderer. A stupid, fucking lying murderer!" I screamed.

"Waverly shut up! Yes I've killed but it was for you."

"No, don't even pull that line on me. It was for your own fucking selfish reasons!"

He looked enraged, eyes blazing and fists balled. He stalked closer to me and I aimed the gun at him.

"Don't even come any closer." I stated shakily.

He ran for me and I did something I never thought I would do. I shot at him. He slumped to the floor and I gasped, the gun dropping from my sweaty hands. I ran back to my room, snatched my belongings and ran out to my car. Beads of sweat clung to my forehead as tears carried on falling.

I was done for.

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