Once apon a time *on hold*

*on hold * Hi guys my name is Megan and this is my first fanfiction. Its about a girl named Lucielle who has grown up best friends with Zayn malik and Zayn falls in love with her but she doesn't know. How will Zayn react when Lucielle has a crush on another boy in 1D? Will lucielle fall in love with Zayn? Please read to find out.


6. I am not a morning person

          LUCY  P.O.V                       When i woke up i found a note taped to my forehead. It said"See you at 10:30 LuLu ;D -Zayn " I smiled. It was 8:30. I looked over at Michelle and saw her asleep. 'I hate to wake her up' I thought 'NA' I thought (again). "Shell" I said and threw a pillow at her. " five more munites daddy". Michelle said. I beat her with a pillow again. "DAD!!" michelle said angirly. I laughed so hard i fell over.  "OH TEE HEE" Michelle snapped. I smiled and said "lets go make pancakes"

      Harrys P.O.V  I woke up and looked around. Its 8:45. The rest of the boys are asleep. ' Should i wake them up' i thought. I walked out of the room and into the kichen. "darn"I said. I opened the fridge and pulled out some chicken. Niall came running out. "Hey" he said waving. "Hey are any of the other boys awake" I said "Noo" Niall said. Niall pointed to the chicken on the plate i had. "Are you going to eat all that" he said "Noo" i said copping him. I split the piece of chicken in half and put it in the mivrowave.

Zayns P.O.V    I climbed a mountain, defeated a dragon, rescued the princess that looked like lucy, and woke up. " man " i said. I heard some people in the kichen and grabbed my Nerf gun. "HA HA HA HA" i said evily as i went in the kichen. I shot a nerf foam bullet at the first person i saw. It was harry. The dart was sticking to his forehead. Harry and Niall were bug eyed. I could sware my face was red from laughing.

Nialls P.O .V   I am speachless. I mean how could he? Where did he? How did I?  "YOU are a ninja man"I said "Ninja man" Zayn said "Ninja... ( silence) man" I corrected. Zayn laughed. I would start laughing but i have chicken to eat.

Liams P.O.V  I ran up to a crowd of girls and gave one a ticket to a concert. I started to sing. It sounded like someone laughing. That did not sound like me. I  woke up. I grabbed the other nerf gun on the floor and ran into the kichen. The person who was laughing stopped. I turned and shot zayn with the Nerf gun first. Niall and Harry turned in defense. When i ran out of foam bullets Harry and Niall said " Missed me " and stuck their tounges out at me. " Turn around " i said. They both turned around and noticed they each had like 3 nerf bullet things stuck to their butts. Everyone in the room laughed untill zayn noticed it was 9:45. "MAN" he screamed and ran into the bathroom. ( it sounds weird but still)

Zayns P.O.V     I ran in the bathroom and left the door open because the boys were following. i grabbed the hair styling gel out of the cabnet. I styled my hair into a quif. "Aww! my baby's first quif" Niall said." you should curl your hair" Harry said flicking his curly hair. " what-ever" i said. " you should get ready for the party too" i added on to my own sentence. " this is for the party " they all said and grabbed the extra bottles of hair styling stuff and styled their hair too

Lucys P.O.V   "no" i said. "please" my aunt said. "FINE" i said giving in. My aunt plugged in a curling iorn to curl my hair. "ill go get dressed" i said. My aunt looked sad and confused. "Just to let  curling iorn heat up. I ran in my room and put on the outfit Zayn bought me. (Purple T with cupcake design and 'life is sweet' written on it and a pair of black skinney jeans). I put on a pair of purple convers that mach my shirt. My aunt curled my hair and i put on my usal make up. wich was just a little lipgloss. Michelle came out wearing a pair of  skinney jeans, a baby blue shirt that said 'Peace' on it and had her hair down. Then my mom and my aunt drove Michelle and i to the party that was held in the towns version of 'times square'. I knew we were both ready to party!!!

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