Once apon a time *on hold*

*on hold * Hi guys my name is Megan and this is my first fanfiction. Its about a girl named Lucielle who has grown up best friends with Zayn malik and Zayn falls in love with her but she doesn't know. How will Zayn react when Lucielle has a crush on another boy in 1D? Will lucielle fall in love with Zayn? Please read to find out.


1. My usual day

                 My usual day starts out like this, I wake up, I go to Zayn Malik's house, tell his mom that my mom is awake and they can go have coffe at my house, and hang out with zayn all day. It started January 12 1993 when Zayn Malik and I were born at the same hospital, at the same time, but in different rooms. Our moms were so happy to give birth on the same day because they were best friends since they were our age. It has been that way for 10 years. Zayn always answered the door with a smile. He was so so so  sweet. On our eleventh birthday I went over his house and heard something strange. I rang the doorbell and heard Zayn and another boy with a british accent yelling at each other. " I'll get the door " said the other boy. "No loser I will" said Zayn. "Dork" the other boy said. Then I saw a pair of green eyes appear through the window. I screamed. " Dude there is a hottie at your door" "really zayn replied. "Liar " "Meanie", the green eyed boy said. Then I heard something or someone fal to the ground. The door opened and the boy with green eyes opened the door and said "heeeyyyy cutie my name is Harry but you can call me, anytime" "Ewwwww...." I said then walked into zayn's house. "do you have permission to be here" Harry said flipping him curly hair.I ran inside and pulled Zayn up. We said "Happy Birthday" in unision. We hugged eachother and went to his room to talk about our party. And me trying to forget harry

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