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Heart breaks, lies, torn..
Alexis felt this cold feelings, way long ago, before she became the bad one. Breaking hearts was her duty of all time. But what will happen when in fact she moves to Holmes Chappel? She might meet that one guy, Harry, who will flip her life.

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2. no I don't want to!

"Alexis! Move fast" my dad ordered in a loud voice. I groan, and threw my last makeup set in the huge bag. Why can't we stay here anways?! It is perfect and... "Fast Lexi" my big brother, Zayn groaned. What's wrong with the nagging today?! I hate the fact we need to go, it is shattering all the work I have done. But no, instead of asking me, they asked my idiotic big brother. Protective to be more exact. You touch me, and he might break you to peices of bones!

I took the last bag into the car, as I yelled for zayn to hurry. The fact we are late, is on my side I thought to myself happily. "Shut up" he said in his husky voice, sitting next to me into the huge car we got. I don't even know what type it is, but yeah why should I know?

The airplane experience was the worst. Not only they need to check each passenger, but shitty work over there. I fell on my face like trillion of times, and not forget the huge fall of all times. I hate you airplanes, am sure you hate me too..

My blonde hair was in a messy bun, and my make up was perfectly done (probably before the deadly falls) the type of clothes were not fancy, but just a dark shirt written YOLO, and my black tight jeans with a converse. Did I forgot to say that am addicted to makeup?! Smokey eyes was just nothing compared to what I do. Yes am cool and hey you only live once! (YOLO)

The flight didn't take us long, before we landed on this damn city. It isn't really cold like in London, but neither can I say it is warmer. Zayn took off his jackets, wrapping it around me. "Thanks" I whispered, hugging the jacket closer to me. Yes I admit it, it is freaking cold. I took what seemed to be my bags, and went off following like a useless brick behind my parents, and a leading brother.

Zayn always seem to love himself. I mean he would stay one hour just Infront of a mirror! I don't take that long! I got to say, his hair is pretty. Yes that's all, not handsome not nothing, well at least Infront of my eyes. Other girls would melt in his chocolate warm eyes, his perfect jawline, his... Yes again, who cares?! Well not me again.

Within seconds, I was welcomed with the huge house. I felt in an awestruck, and felt my mouth fell open. I jumped like a hyper kid, hearing some laughters behind me (probably my typical family) and notice how perfect my house was. It was just amazing, and I was speechless. Not long before, I picked up my room.

"Oh boy, a lot of packing up I got there.." I groaned silently.

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